What a treat it is for me to present the first ever interview on the blog conducted by someone else and answered by someone else. I merely served as editor-in-chief. (Truth be told, I think there may have been a Jason/Kayla interview on ryanglanzer.com at one point around 2006…) Liz doesn’t hold back, asking all the hard-hitting questions about things Lauren is going through in this pregnancy and beyond. Well, let’s just get right to it. Liz, take it away!

File photo, 2008: Lauren and Liz at Patrick Lynch's birthday at The Sportsman's in Minneapolis singing karaoke.
File photo, 2008: Lauren and Liz at Patrick Lynch’s birthday at The Sportsman’s in Minneapolis singing karaoke.

EB: Hello Lauren! Thanks for agreeing to let me interview you about your pregnancy. I know we’re all excited to hear about it! Let’s get to it.

EB: Out of 40 predicted weeks of pregnancy, how many weeks along are you right now? And what piece of produce is your child being compared to in size at this time?
LPG: I’m at 31 weeks! ​BabyCenter says he/she weighs about as much as a coconut, and parents.com​ says the baby is about as long as a bunch of leeks.

EB: How has your pregnancy been treating you overall?
​LPG: It’s been pretty good. Throughout my 2nd trimester I was throwing up a lot – my gag reflex would be triggered by anything from brushing my teeth to wondering if milk in the fridge had gone sour (I didn’t even have to smell it…just thinking about sour milk would do the trick…!!) Thankfully that has pretty much passed now and I’m just dealing with having a giant belly and bumping into things. Ryan keeps misjudging how far my belly sticks out and will frequently bump into me. Happening to me constantly. I’m still sleeping pretty well but I’m expecting that to change at any point as that seems to be the most common complaint of late pregnancy, being exhausted and not able to sleep. Pregnancy is so glamorous!

EB: Has anything about being pregnant been surprising to you? For example, any physical or emotional changes or struggles that you weren’t expecting?
​LPG: The first major mood swing really surprised me. I was reading on Facebook a post a friend had written about having to put her old dog down after it got sick (not a close friend, and I had never met the dog she was talking about). I’m obviously very much a dog person, and normally those types of stories would make me tear up a little bit and I would grab Baxter for some forced snuggles. But this time I started SOBBING. Uncontrollable weeping. After a moment or two I realized what I was doing and thought to myself “why am I crying so hard?!” and started laughing hysterically because I realized I had NO CONTROL at all over my emotions. It was at that point that Ryan walked over to me and cautiously asked if I was ok…I don’t remember what I said but I tried to convey that I was fine except for being on an emotional rollercoaster. The exhaustion surprised me a lot – the first trimester and now the third trimester again. I have no energy for anything, and most of the time this kid has its feet stuck up in my ribcage, so it’s hard to breathe!

EB: Do you find yourself acting on hormones? Screaming at Ryan for leaving bits of toothpaste in the sink? Crying because you forgot your lunch at home?
LPG: ​I try not to – or if I find myself doing it I try to tell people that I know how irrational I’m being but that I can’t help it! Ryan has been a saint and has taken it all in stride … just last night I told him that he was stinky!​ He had chicken wing breath. But he has also been able to enjoy the pregnancy, and indulges in cravings for things like hamburgers and ice cream along with me, as well as having a guaranteed designated driver!

EB: What are three words you’d use to describe how you feel about raising a child?
​LPG: Um… overwhelmed. Excited, maybe? Nervous.​

EB: What has been the most frustrating part of preparing for your child?
​LPG: All the choices for things we *need* (or that companies tell us that we need). Picking out a car seat and stroller were very stressful for me. There are a lot of details and paperwork to take care of for health insurance and maternity leave, which is a bit overwhelming. And, of course, finding childcare has been very stressful and overwhelming. It’s hard to tour a daycare and imagine leaving our baby there when we haven’t even met our baby yet!​

EB: Has Ryan been supportive during your pregnancy? Please explain.
​LPG: Oh, yes! As I mentioned, he’s always willing to go along with whatever (usually quite unhealthy and piggish) craving I want to indulge in. He’s been pretty understanding when I don’t want to go out, or when I want to leave an event early because I’m tired.​ And he takes it in stride when I call him stinky 🙂 The real test, of course, will be when I’m in labor and need his support for that.

EB: Tell us how you think Mister Baby will respond to the newest member of your family?
​LPG: I think Sir Houndsalot will love the baby…I don’t think he will love all the attention being diverted away from him, though! Gone will be many of the walks and dog park trips and days at doggie daycare, I’m sure​. But I think that he will be a good beagle brother – I’m sure he’ll be thrilled when the kid starts eating solid food and he’ll get to clean up anything that falls on the floor!

EB: Do you have any plans to return to the midwest to show off baby or should we all start booking our flights to Austin?
​LPG: Assuming everything goes well (touch wood), I am hoping to make a trip up north later in October, when the baby is 8-10 weeks old. It will be quite the adventure, traveling with an infant!! ​

EB: Lastly, have you guys narrowed down any first, middle, or last names? If so, are you sharing? If so, please share.
​LPG: We have some finalists, but we’re not really sharing them 🙂 All of the names we like are pretty traditional. “Tripper”​ is not on the list of finalists, FYI.

EB: Thanks so much for letting us in on all your pregnancy details. We’re all so excited welcome small Poulter Glanzer into this world!
​LPG: Thanks Liz! we are very excited as well. August will be here before we know it!​