It rained for three straight days in Austin this week! It was a miracle! From Monday morning through Thursday morning, it pretty much was overcast, 70s, and varying levels of rainfall, much to our delight. For one thing I just enjoy rainy weather in general, and secondly our yard really needed some moisture. Baxter and I went for a jog one afternoon down to the park and were surprised to see our path being blocked by rapids. Kids were out on rafts and inner tubes flying over this embankment. Looked like fun, but we had to turn back.

Rattan Creek Park, Austin, Texas
Rattan Creek Park with a much-needed flood.

Oh, yeah… this run with Baxter was made possible by the fact that he did not die of eating rat poison. While Lauren was still away on business, I caught Baxter on Sunday prancing happily around with a rat poison trap in his mouth. So fearing the worst, I called over a neighbor to help hold the dog down while I attempted to use a turkey baster to inject a home remedy into his mouth to induce vomiting. Well, Baxter kept shifting his head and twice I injected the neighbor Mike with the salt-water concoction, and I also accidentally rubbed his face a couple times. It was a wet, awkward minute as I kept apologizing. Baxter did not puke, and since it was Sunday, it was back to the doggy ER to induce vomiting. They concluded Baxter definitely had not consumed poison, so $133 later we were free to enjoy the rest of our evening.

On Thursday, lonely friend Bart asked me to hang out with him and do something, so we went to the Round Rock Express game vs. the Iowa Cubs on their Thirsty Thursday night. Truth be told it was a good deal for a baseball game, a 32 oz. draft beer for $4.75. Plus famed MLB slugger Manny Ramirez is attempting to make his comeback with the Express. Fun night at the old ballpark.

Manny Ramirez singles in his first-inning at-bat vs. former MLB'er Guillermo Moscoso.
Manny Ramirez singles in his first-inning at-bat vs. former MLB’er Guillermo Moscoso.

Also while Lauren was away, I really got into the Showtime series Shameless, starring William H. Macy, at the suggestion of three separate co-workers. I made it through the whole first season and found myself laughing out loud many times.

I am very excited for Thursday’s flight back to Minneapolis. I am flying in a day early to catch up with some old friends and colleagues before taking off on Friday for Walsh’s bachelor party at a resort on a lake near Nisswa, MN. I just need some mode of transportation for the morning and I’ll be set to return to Microboards and visit a few friends.

Lastly, here’s a panorama of the Callaway marketing department, complete with two Brian Sorias in the background. It’s a pretty cool layout.