Lauren is away on business in Dallas for a few days, so I intend to take this opportunity to work on some household projects. Why is it that I feel so much more motivated to do repairs and cleaning while she’s away? Possibly just to keep my mind occupied, I don’t know.

Since she left Thursday morning, Baxter appears to be really upset with me. “Where the hell did you put her? I am only getting half the attention now, you jerk!” In all seriousness he really does seem dejected. He lays in one spot and then stares out the window whimpering and then goes and lays in a new spot. I guess I’d better take him for a run today or maybe take him to see his pooch friend Eli, and give him some delicious doggy treats. A dog like this you have to feed every day, you know.

I played racquetball with Bart on Thursday night. When we first started playing each other about six months ago I was destroying him, but he has shown marked improvement and now we’re about equal. He usually wins the first game and then fades a little as we go. I think it’s because he swings SO HARD and maybe loses some stamina. It’s like he tries to make the ball explode every time he hits it, but it is very effective when he can keep it up for a whole game. Meanwhile, since I don’t have that great powerful swing, my focus is to hit the ball all over the place and keep him running around as much as possible and try to tire him. Anyway, always a great workout. On this night Bart destroyed me in the first game, 15-9, but I fought back to win the next 2 games including a 15-1 win. Afterwards we grabbed the hound and went out for a celebratory brew, followed by a late night trip to Whataburger.


As you likely saw on Facebook, I bought a bed fan. I had been waking up every single night absolutely soaked head to toe. I would have to go dry off with a towel I was so sweaty. But I found it difficult to get back to sleep without the blankets on me. I intended to invent a bed fan! But then I found it already exists and bought one. I received plenty of ridicule from my wife and some Facebook friends, but it works awesome! Last night I had to turn it off at one point as I was getting too chilly.

Friday at work it was a big Callaway team reunion with former team member Natalie back in Austin to visit. Other former colleagues Patrick and Sami also were able to get together and we all went out to Lucy’s Fried Chicken in the south part of town. Very long wait, but the buckets of fried chicken were worth it!

Eddie, Allison, Douwe, Josh, me, Phil, Sami, Patrick, Patrick's girlfriend, Shenea, and Brian, with dog Popeye. Natalie was the photographer.
Eddie, Allison, Douwe, Josh, me, Phil, Sami, Patrick, Patrick’s girlfriend, Shenea, and Brian, with Sami’s dog Popeye. Natalie was the photographer.

Friday night, as usual, I was invited out to a dozen different places by various friends. I got home from work and sat on the couch and started watching some Shameless on Showtime on Demand. It didn’t take long before I fully decided I wasn’t up for leaving my groove on the couch at all, and there I stayed. I drank a bottle of Malbec, cooked some dinner, and streamed five hours of the show before bed. Sorry to those who suffered from my lack of presence, but a night like that was much needed.

I suppose today I will get to work on some house projects. There are some little plants growing out of the roof I should rip out. There is a floor board problem in the tool shed. The lawn needs some attention, and the fridge needs to be cleaned out. And that dang dog is probably just going to stare at me in dismay the whole time, so first things first I’ll take him out for a run.

A couple other quick things…

  • My feet arches, especially left foot, are really hurting when I run. It feels like a cramp and usually goes away afterwards, but it’s pretty intense. Any ideas what may be the problem? I did get some new shoes but that hasn’t fixed it.
  • I had a dream last night that a different man named Dick Glanzer became the new head coach of the Lakers. Dad was upset by this impostor and somehow became the coach of the Portland Trailblazers.
  • Will be back in MN in twelve days!