• Last weekend good friends Walsh and Sarah were in town to visit us for the first time since our move. They were our first out-of-town visitors to the house and we spent quite a bit of the time hanging out there. But we also showed them around the city, taking in the capitol, the state history museum, some Longhorn tailgating, Tex-Mex, BBQ, and bars. One of the highlights was our reservation at the new Midnight Cowboy speakeasy. Sure was good to see them again!
Sarah, Walsh, and Lauren at the state capitol
  • Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary, and we decided to celebrate with a classy happy hour at Eddie V’s after work. The bartender gave us free dessert and several free refills of wine. Lauren got me a series of four framed artwork from Minneapolis, each showing a significant place from our past. I got Lauren a giant canvas print of our wedding party and a Toronto photo. We agreed we’d exchange artwork for gifts for a while as our house walls are mighty bare and my old college Nintendo painting is no longer a good fit.
Free Godiva chocolate anniversary cake. Thanks Eddie Vs!
  • In addition to our happy hour and artwork gift exchanges, we also bought a new refrigerator at Sears on Tuesday night. Well, we opened a Sears card to save an additional 5% and put it on there. Mighty expensive, but we need a fridge obviously. It’s one of those French door fridges with the freezer in a lower pull-out drawer on the bottom and the water/ice dispenser. The sales guy was delighted to earn the business, but was not interested in letting us leave without one of the extended warranties. I am simply terrible at handling these pressure sales pitch situations and we wound up getting the warranty after lots of back-and-forth. He did agree to drop  the delivery charge. Probably a waste of money but who knows, it’s an expensive appliance so why not be safe I guess.
  • Our company softball team had its second game on Tuesday night and we got lit up by a team of men who were mostly 50+. After a 28-11 thrashing in our first game and now a 16-8 loss, it seems we may be in too good of a league. I miss last year’s league where we were competitive! At the plate so far in two games I’m 4-for-6 with 4 singles and a run while playing first base.
  • I’ve been paying a lot more attention to this year’s baseball playoffs, probably because we have TV channels now. I’ve said all along, as long as the Yankees and Cardinals don’t make it to the World Series I’d be satisfied, but I would put a lot of money on that being the World Series matchup right now. I find myself pulling for the A’s but at the same time I realize these are the same people who cheer for my much hated Raiders.