October Happenings

I don’t have much to say lately. I have been to a few crappy dr. appointments in the past two weeks. Otherwise it’s been rather uneventful, but I don’t want to go more than 11 days without an update, so here is the latest news from Austin!

  • We saw the movie Argo at the Alamo Drafthouse last week, which I immediately declared was the most entertaining movie I’d seen in the theater since Inglourious Basterds.
  • The volleyball team lost in a humiliating drubbing on Thursday, although we were playing one player short, and one of the players we did have was suffering from vertigo.
  • We saw Brian and Kristin Mego perform in the choir of a large-scale Mozart concert on Saturday. They had been rehearsing twice a week for months. Certainly not my usual type of Saturday night entertainment, but our friends sang well.
  • Our Sunday tradition of drinking mimosas and watching the Vikings continues to go well. With Lauren and I in our Vikings shirts we bought at the official team store and Baxter in his Vikings collar, the team is the surprise of the NFL!
  • A day after a Facebook post in which I complained about constantly being confused for Bryan or Brian, I was again asked if my name was with an I or a Y when placing an order at Mighty Fine Burger. The conversation that ensued was a whole lot like the dialogue I posted on Facebook.
  • At the suggestion–nay, demand–of several friends and co-workers, Lauren and I began watching Homeland this weekend. So far, so good two episodes in.
  • We continue to watch Dexter every Sunday night, but I find myself making fun of the show’s numerous loose ends that never get explained, such as characters who get killed off that no one seems to question. The show is still among my favorites and very fun to watch, but the attention to detail is as bad as any show I’ve seen.
  • Finally, happy 52nd birthday to Dad, Richard J. Glanzer, II!


  1. i’m glad you started homeland. after watching homeland season one all week i was almost embarrassed to watch dexter. the writing, plot, and ridiculous loose ends were just comical. how many miami metro employees/interns have been killed so far? or people with links to someone at miami metro? good thing jamie had the time to drive harrison all the way to orlando.

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