Tales from the Mighty Silverado

Not to be a hypocrite after photographing many terrible park jobs over the years, I decided my most recent park job was so miserable that I had to document it.  I pulled into the apartment complex late last night after helping a friend move some furniture, put it in park, and never thought twice.  I was out the door to work early this morning, long before most people had even woken up, when I noticed this atrocity of a park job.  I am not sure the car next to me could have even gotten out.

On the way to work this morning, the pickup was totally out of gas, so I stopped and put $75 worth of fuel in the tank. After seeing the gas gauge, I wondered if I had overfilled the tank and put a few gallons in the bed. Have you ever seen a gauge reading this full?? I feel like I can drive 230 miles before it gets under 100%.

I had been meaning to take the pickup in for an oil change ever since buying it and kept putting it off, until yesterday when I was out driving and I noticed the sticker in the windshield said “next service due: July 7, 2005.”  I didn’t really believe that was accurate… would it still be running seven years overdue? Anyway, all is tuned up and humming along smoothly now.  Now to get that damn AC going.  The mechanic said the compressor wasn’t kicking in.  Oh, to have Dick’s Garage a short drive away!


  1. I suppose we could fly down there again, just so Dad can fix it. That would cost us several hundreds of dollars, though, so I think you’re out of luck.

  2. Sounds like you lost all of the freon you put in it the other day. Look for an oily, dirty spot somewhere on one of the AC lines, or on the front of the compressor. That’s where your leak is.

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