Beagle Turns 1, TV, Work Busy

Just for the sake of updating, I will update even though nothing interesting is happening and I don’t really feel like it!

  • The next TV series we’re hammering through is a bit of a surprise, and a bit of a guilty pleasure. Lauren started watching Desperate Housewives from the beginning and though I tried to ignore it, every time that damn Marcia Cross came on screen I would find myself unable to look away. So I just gave in and started watching along with her.
  • Lauren and I will be taking in MLB games in both Texas stadiums in the next few weeks. June 2 we’ll be joined by the new-to-Austin Barts and venturing back to Houston for a game vs. the Reds, and a month later Hot Lunch Precious Metal comes to town and we’re taking in the Twins and Rangers.
  • Work has been over-the-top busy of late. I have more e-mail templates to come up with than I can possibly keep up with. We need to hire the Patrick replacement asap!
  • Lauren proved once again she’s the lady for me—she came home from the grand opening of a new Whole Foods Wednesday night with 15 pounds of meat, a bunch of beer, and various cookies in tow. How did she know that meat, beer, and cookies were my favorites?
  • I don’t care much for the NHL Playoffs, but how is no one talking about the LA Kings, owners of a losing record and the #8 seed, just two wins away from the Stanley Cup Finals? A losing record?! 
  • Baxter celebrated his first birthday last Friday and celebrated with balloons, party hats, a gourmet doggy cookie, and a few new bones. He even got a present in the mail from uncles Rufus and Buster back on the farm in Carpenter!


  1. Don’t be ashamed to watch Desperate Housewives…I think your dad watched it a time or two…very good show!

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