SXSW, Spurs, Etc.

I haven’t written much lately about what’s been going on here.  I haven’t felt like we’ve done much interesting.  Here are the highlights of the last couple weeks.

  • Yesterday I drove 90 minutes south to San Antonio to meet up with former Microboards’ co-worker Dan Payette and take in the Timberwolves-Spurs game. It was great to see Dan, but the Wolves got blown out of the building, and it didn’t help that we were sitting in the very last row of the upper level, surrounded by some sort of massive fan club banging on snare drums.
  • Monday I played basketball with “the gang” which now consists of my friend Rob, my co-worker Randy’s high school friends but not Randy due to severe injury, and several 12-year-olds who live at the apartment complex where we’re playing. 
  • Saturday we took in SXSW festivities on East 6th Street.  There was a bar featuring all things Minnesota, including free Summit EPA (not normally found in Texas) and a dozen Twin Cities bands. That’s about all we did SXSW-related despite it totally taking over the city for 10 days.
  • Saturday night we joined the Megos and Viviritos for St. Patrick’s Day at BB Rovers Bar, where there are over 300 bottles.  I may have tried to try all of them.
  • I recently bought MLB 12 The Show and for the first time ever, didn’t immediately start by creating a team full of people I know.  This time, I sensibly sat down and played a game with the real players.  At first the game is super difficult to hit and super easy to pitch, but after drastically tinkering with the settings I have found a happy medium where I can compete in high-scoring games vs. the computer.
  • Lauren and I went over to the Megos’ on Friday night for a small board game/knitting night. Lauren and Kristin knitted with Brian, Mike, and I played one of Brian’s many unusual board games from his vast collection.  I think it had something to do with fortresses and colors and thieves and minions… I lost all 3 times.
  • No luck selling the Grand Prix yet… I have a fourth interested buyer on her way over this evening. Maybe this will be the lucky new owner!
  • I still can’t believe it when I look at the weather maps and see that South Dakota and Minnesota are not only having a super warm winter, but are the hottest places north of the Mexican border.  Austin was 20 degrees cooler than Carpenter the other day.  Again, this would not be happening if we were still living there, I just know it.  But there’s no way to prove it…


Here’s us at The Liberty Bar during SXSW.


Our awesome seats at the AT&T Center for the Spurs/Wolves game.

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