Yesterday I sold the ’01 Pontiac Grand Prix after 8 long, memorable years together. I drove that car everywhere from Detroit to Toronto to Kansas City to Austin! By my count, 24 states and a province. I hauled all my possessions in it on numerous occasions when I moved, and loaded it up with DJ equipment dozens of times. Hell, I think I slept in it on a few occasions! But, it was time to pass it on to a new owner, who by coincidence just a few years ago moved to Austin from Rochester, MN!

Here are some of our favorite memories.

Here's the Grand Prix in Toronto, South Dakota in 2009!
Here's the time we went camping at Upper Sioux Agency State Park.
Who could forget the many shirtless passengers, including Travis here in 2004?
There was the time it was the only car that would start after sitting outside in -30F weather for a weekend, and successfully jumped all the other cars near Two Harbors, MN.
And of course, the time Alex and Ann helped fix the AC in 2007. Grand Prix really liked it the way Alex operated on her.
Grand Prix's final winter it was forced to suffer through.
Grand Prix was very confused about its new home in Texas.
Grand Prix on the streets of Detroit, spring break 2005.
Jeff tailgating at the Royals game in the Grand Prix trunk.