Damn… it was a busy, busy week at the office. As I said on Facebook, “on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being super unproductive and 10 being ultra productive, it was a pretty busy week.” Some people got the joke. In my 6+ years in the work force since college graduation, that had to have cracked the top five weeks for busiest overall. (Probably not close to evening things out though… I did have that month last February with nothing to do…)

We are re-launching our Shop website with a new look any day now, so I have been busy changing over all the existing content to match the new look. We are also about to release all the new 2012 products, and I am responsible for getting them all up on the site. Plus my day-to-day activities of preparing e-mail blasts and such… not a minute of wasted time this past week. On top of that I am still trying to catch up on all my contract work that backlogged from December. I’m trying to get everything finished before three colleagues and I take off for Chicago on Tuesday afternoon for a 2-day training. It sounds like the Bulls-Suns game is a real possibility for Tuesday night!

Outside of work, it was a busy week as well. Monday night I went with Brian to the Drafthouse to see The Artist, the new silent film that is sure to be a hit at the Oscars. Don’t let the silent part scare you away–it was a great movie. The crowd stood and applauded at the end… kinda rare for a movie theater. Wednesday there was a company dinner at a popular seafood place downtown, Eddie V’s. Great food… pricey, but I wasn’t paying. Lauren and I also blazed through a bunch of Breaking Bad episodes and finished up Season 3 on Thursday night. I used to be so mad when Bryan Cranston beat out Michael C. Hall year after year at the Emmy’s, but now I know that his wins were well-deserved.

Nothing on the slate for this weekend. After cashing in our money for a new bed with my hookup in the mattress industry, we will be keeping things low-key for a while. I plan on taking Bax out for a hike early this afternoon, and we are invited to some friends’ housewarming party tonight. Will watch a little NFL playoffs, I suppose.