Monday Night Jottings: Football, Babies, and Droughts

  • Today marks the third anniversary of the marriage proposal!
  • Good luck to sister Jordan Krogman and family as she gets set to give birth to Baby #4 this week! I don’t know how in the world she will manage. I am over two years older than Jordan, and Lauren and I are just now starting to talk about the idea of getting a dog when we move into an apartment this fall.
  • This weekend was football, football, and more football. Trying my hardest to turn my attention completely away from the worst Twins season in my lifetime, if not ever, we watched the Texas Longhorns/BYU game and then the end of the Michigan/Notre Dame game Saturday night with new friends Rob and Elizabeth at a local bar. Sunday, we visited the local Vikings bar with fellow Minneapolis newcomer Bobbi Jo, my Minnesotan co-worker Dobe, and Dobe’s friend and former Minnesota Twins bat boy Ty for the Vikings/Chargers game. As I’ve said many times before, I was torn on who to cheer for, but when it came right down to it, I felt myself slightly pulling for the Chargers. In ways that is odd considering I’ve lived in Minnesota for much of the last decade and I’ve never so much as visited southern California, but then again I’ve pulled very hard for the Chargers ever since that fifth grade class project. After that, it was off to co-worker Eddie’s house to watch the Cowboys/Jets game.
  • Speaking of football, I lost all four of my fantasy league games this week… rather badly, too.
  • No real threat of any precipitation in the central Texas forecast anytime soon. According to the weather statistics I’ve studied, the heat typically starts to digress a little bit by mid-September, but we’ve still got plenty of 100-degree days in the forecast this week and next. The wildfires in the area are still burning, but we haven’t had too many scares right here in the city. I’m continuing to surprise myself by not sweltering in the heat too bad, but I keep peeking at the 10-day forecast hoping to see the temps drop a little, or see a remote chance of rain. No such luck.
  • Aside from Lauren’s job search, our next big hurdle in our Austin adventure is to find a more permanent place of lodging. We’ve still got that U-Haul pod in storage and are anxious to get a hold of our stuff, but we don’t want to go unpacking the whole thing in Mark’s house if we’re just going to be moving to an apartment in a few weeks. We’re doing some looking on our own, getting some advice from friends and co-workers, and enlisting some help from realtors, and most signs seem to point to us already being in one of the city’s optimal locations.
  • While Lauren is at her weekly knitting group, I am watching a National Geographic show that will help me prevent getting mauled from a bear if ever visiting Yellowstone. Note to self: buy bear spray.
  • For those wondering, the job is still going very well. I thought I would never be able to adjust to doing more work than play during the work day, but having a full seven or eight hours of work to do every day has proven to be a good thing. I also like that there is a very set schedule: certain projects due at certain times every week. Again, if anyone out there is a golfer and would like to ask me about my excellent employee discount on equipment, apparel, and accessories, I’d be happy to hook you up. It is very substantial. Just ask Walsh!
  • Congratulations to the Timberwolves for making a really smart move in hiring Rick Adelman (no relation to former VF co-workers Amy and Amanda… I don’t think) as new head coach!
  • And last but certainly not least, congratulations to good friends Liz and Curt on their first wedding anniversary yesterday! They too will be expecting a little miracle of joy in the coming days!

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