Since it’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything, thought I’d just post a quick update here this morning. Not that you’ve all missed out on anything exciting.

  • Last week Lauren and I became aunt and uncle for the seventh time when Colton Gage Krogman was born in Vermillion to Jordan and Calvin! We won’t be able to visit until Christmas, sadly. We will also be excited to meet Liz and Curt’s new bundle o’ joy. Congrats to the new parents all around!
  • After our recent apartment search, we finally found our new place yesterday. For those familiar with Austin, it is off Jollyville Rd. and Braker in the northwest part of town. For those unfamiliar with Austin, it is about 20 minutes north of downtown. After I asked the question on Facebook, “which is more important–location or amenities?” most replied with location. So we found somewhere that is walkable to a good number of restaurants and businesses. But we also managed to find a place with decent amenities, so when you plan your visit to see us this winter you’ll have a private bedroom and bathroom. There were nicer, more modern places that we saw, but we definitely couldn’t find any other places at this size (1,062 sq. ft) for the same price. There are some red flags that popped up with this property, like the fact that there are 40 vacant units here while most places had maybe one or two open units. And the reviews online were terrible, but we saw nothing alarming when we were there.
  • It was a brutal weekend for sports teams I was cheering for. The Vikings blew a huge lead to the Buccaneers, the Chargers lost sloppily against the Patriots, the Twins tacked a few more losses on in their march to a 100-loss season, the Lynx (the pride of Minnesota sports) came down here to central Texas and lost their playoff game to San Antonio, and I lost both of my Callaway fantasy football games.
  • However, it wasn’t a total loss. Being a big fan of awards shows, we watched all of the Emmys and I was thrilled to see Friday Night Lights take home two awards, including Kyle Chandler for Best Actor in a Drama Series. I have never seen Modern Family but after seeing it win five awards maybe we’ll have to give that a shot. I have also never seen a whole episode of Big Bang Theory because I find Jim Parsons so unlikable and annoying–so how does he keep winning award after award for that show?!
  • Our favorite party game, Loaded Questions, lives on in Texas! We played with a group of new friends on Saturday night and everyone was in agreement the game was a great ice-breaker. No matter who plays, the game never changes–the first few rounds are pretty PG, and then all at once everyone decides to break out the XXX-rated answers after feeling out the crowd. I have tried to never throw away any of the answer forms from all the times we’ve played the game. I found there were 29 different players (at least) and there are answers so disturbing you’d freak out if you read them. Jason is still the king of that game.
  • It rained briefly on Saturday while we were out apartment hunting. They say we only need another 28″ of rain before the end of the month to end the drought. Temps remain in the upper 90s and low 100s during the day, which is over 10 degrees above average.