The only story from here lately is battling off various sicknesses. It hasn’t just been my flu bug last week to Lauren’s bout with sinus infection this week, now we’re both coughing up a storm like maniacs! Everyone I know seems to either be sick currently or is just recovering from being sick in some regard. How come that flu shot I get didn’t prevent me from getting sick?

There is really nothing else interesting going on. This weekend Lauren and I celebrated our New Years Day by heading to the southwest suburbs for a day o’ fun, seeing how we were stuck in the apartment alone on New Years Eve due to the illnesses. Our first stop was Mystic Lake Casino, where I put $1 on the number 11 on roulette in honor of the new year, and won $36. I also was up about $20 on blackjack at one point, but I left only up $2.50. Those damn slot machines ate up my winnings! Later we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings in Savage for lunch, and then saw True Grit at the Eden Prairie theater. It was the first movie we’ve seen in a theater together since Avatar last February, and we both agreed it was very good. Sunday, a few of us gathered at the Uptown Green Mill for the Vikings finale. I used my Green Mill gift card I got for Christmas on beer, appetizers, and a giant piece of chocolate cake, some of which I spoon-fed to Nick once I got full.

On January 3 I “celebrated” my five-year anniversary at work. It was my 1,221st day at the office all-time. In my honor, Windows 7 was installed on my computer.

This week should be pretty quiet. I am done DJing for a month or so as the quiet winter months take over, so my schedule is wide open. I am trying to make good use of my free time and creative energy by joining forces with Brian Gioielli to produce some funny videos. Also there is talk of a Star Wars trilogy viewing at our place Sunday. Lauren and others are astonished that I have never seen the original three movies. I figure if I can sit through nine hours of Lord of the Rings, I can sit through Star Wars. If you own the DVDs, let me know, that’s kind of an important aspect of the idea. Also anyone is welcome to join, just let us know.

I guess that’s about it from here! Oh, one more thing… I am growing out the beard again. I think I’ve got another week to go before I match this past summer’s length.

Ryan growing a beard
This is what I looked like at about 12:15 today.