Lauren and I had ourselves quite the adventure last night as we checked out houses for the first time with our realtor.  In less than two hours, we made seven stops in one neighborhood and ended the night considering two, maybe three of the houses possibilities.  It seems that every house in this area has its quirks—even the good ones. These houses are all very old—the “new” ones were built in the 1940s. For houses in our price range, we’re looking at about 1,100 total square footage.

cocker spaniel puppy
"Please buy this house!" the puppy said.

The first house we saw was the best, in my opinion, except it is a short sale. Not entirely sure what that term means, only that it’s basically a joke because the process takes so long. This house’s highlight was none of its features, but a tiny puppy in a cage in the living room that the owners left behind for the night while they went out. I think all three of us found this tiny yelping cocker spaniel to be a distraction as we tried to study the house. If that puppy came with the house—which I’m sure could be arranged for the right price—Lauren would have been sold!

Another house we went to, which was also considered a possibility, featured a misplaced toilet. Between the kitchen and the stairway to the basement sat a toilet. No bathroom, no walls, just a toilet. We all had a good laugh and figured it would be perfect for those times when Lauren is stuck in the kitchen cooking a big meal and can’t leave the food unattended.

The final house we visited was enormous and had so much potential, but the previous owners really ran it into the ground. There was a basement bathroom straight out of a horror movie. The front yard featured a bewildering series of fences that formed square cubes… for gardening or for wild animals? We couldn’t figure that out, but it bore an eerie resemblance to a Dugard-type compound. If we were really ambitious fixer-uppers, that would have been a great place.

So, our first day was a success. We’ll pick things up either this weekend or early next week with another neighborhood.