Some Good Links

It’s not very often I run across little-known websites that I find intriguing enough to share, but over the course of several months I have saved up some links that are great and need to be exposed to the public.  Some of these I found on my own, others I was given by other people.  But these websites are worth visiting!

1. Picture Is Unrelated: This blog posts photos that make no sense and it’s hilarious. I encourage everyone to check this site out.  Make sure to click on the “vote” tab so you can help determine which photos get posted on the main page.  I’m sure I have a picture or two that could go on here, but I’d have to really dig through the archives.  I give Lauren credit for finding this site.

2. StumbleUpon: A year ago, Jeff LaPlant directed me to this site, where you download a toolbar for your browser, where you just click “Stumble” and it takes you to an interesting website.  I’ve found a ton of great sites here.  Try stumbling just through images or just videos and you come up with some very entertaining stuff.

3. Joe Posnanski Blog: This is kind of an unusual link.  Joe Posnanski is the beat writer for the Kansas City Royals with the Kansas City Star newspaper, but his personal blog oftentimes has some awesome stuff.  He recently wrote a big article on what it’s like to say “never in my wildest dreams did I imagine…” and then mention that any answer you give to finish that sentence no longer qualifies because you just dreamt it, and that post was about the Snuggie phenomenon.  Excellent reading, baseball fan or not!

4. Found Magazine: This blog/magazine features letters, notes, and pictures sent in by readers that were found randomly.  Some of them really make you wonder where the hell they originated.  I literally just found out about this site so I haven’t been able to dig too deep, but I intend to!

5. Overheard in Minneapolis: I check the locally overheard quotes every day here.  People in the Twin Cities send in conversations that they randomly overhear in everyday life.  I’ve been known to submit a quote or two on there.  Sometimes I cheat and send in quotes that I didn’t so much overhear as I did hearHere are the more graphic quotes that are censored.

6. Million Dollar Arm Blog: India’s finest young baseball prospects won a reality show from a huge field of contestants and were given contracts by the Pirates, and here they blog about their new lives in America.  Maybe it’s their broken English that makes this site so amusing, or maybe it’s their utter innocence, but I can’t get enough of their updates!

7. Bad Parking Blog: I found out about this blog when I was considering starting my own bar parking blog.  Users submit pictures of horrendous parking jobs they see in their everyday routines.  It’s pointless, but a good way to ridicule bad parkers and be entertained for a moment or two.

8. Inspire Me, Now!: I’m kinda losing interest in this site, which is ironic considering the title.  But users submit photos of innovative ideas, most artistic.  It’s worth looking through if you’re bored.

9. Abandoned Amusement Park Photos: I’ve very recently become very interested in looking at this and similar sites.  I think there’s nothing creepier than an abandoned amusement park where old ferris wheels are tangled in tree branches and roller coaster tracks run under water.  Yet I can’t look away!

10. Mighty Optical Illusions: As ridiculous and sometimes lame as this site is, I check it every day in hopes of finding a great optical illusion!  Some of them on here are really crazy, but you’ll have to dig through the archives yourself.

11. Not Always Right: Here, workers/employees send in quotes from idiotic customers.  I tend to think 97% of these quotes are extreme exaggerations in an employee’s effor to blow off some steam after a rough day of work, but they’re entertaining nonetheless.

12. CSS-Tricks: For the web designer in the family, this guy does a great job providing some simple and complicated tips for HTML, CSS, and more.  I reference it quite often in my web design projects.

13. Design Bombs: For the times when all I need is a little inspiration to get going on a new website design, I go here.  Some of the best website designs are very easy to create using nothing but Photoshop, HTML, and CSS.

If you know of any good sites you think I would enjoy, let me know in the Comments!

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