It’s Thursday morning and I am not at work!  Nor will I be for the next 12 days.  Instead, Lauren and I are busy with final preparations for the wedding.

My biggest area of concern is a very unresponsive limo company who has never confirmed our reservation or even charged my credit card.  I am trying to give them money but they won’t take it!  Maybe their low, low prices were too good to be true.

This morning we started the day with breakfast at French Meadow just down the street.  I had an odd moment with the waitress, who I was positive I recognized from TV… but where?  We have been watching so much Six Feet Under that I thought for sure she had to be on the show.  I was racking my brain trying to think of what character she was when it hit me.  She wasn’t from that show.  She is the woman on those really terrible Minneapolis Saturn commercials with the idiot husband who blows up the car and drives a car off a cliff!  I asked her and she said it was true, but seemed a little embarrassed.

Well, I am going to put together our slideshow now.