Another Day in the Books

Since I was banned from using the Internet at work for posting blogs or anything else non-work-related, my work days have become surprisingly productive, but also long.  Whereas before when I had a little down time, I’d pop open or Facebook.  Now, I have to find more work.  Today easily ranks Top 10 all-time for longest feeling day of work.  At one point I thought it was 4 and it was 2:20.  I was very disappointed.  Over break, Josh and I met up with Nick and Patrick for a little D-Brian’s action in EP.  Josh got to meet the gang for the first time, and I’m sure he was impressed.

The weekend is practically here, and I’m DJing not once, but twice this weekend.  Here’s hoping I get tipped well this time.  When we call the bride and groom the week before the dance, we’re supposed to tell them “If there’s anything I can do to earn your reference and gratuity, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.”  I feel weird asking them point-blank for a tip on the phone, so I typically leave that part out and just hope they know to do so.

Friday night, however, we should have some fun.  Lauren and I are going to the Twins/Diamondbacks game with our free tickets from Twinsfest and hopefully will land ourselves Dan Gladden bobblehead dolls.  Afterwards, Kyle “2-run single” Dahl is hosting a bon fire at his house in Maple Grove, which I’ve still never visited.  I have a vision in my head of what it looks like though.  We’ll see how close I am to getting it right.

Right now, I’m chilling on the couch by the AC with a Fat Tire Skinny Dip, which is quite possibly my favorite current beer, watching Scrubs, and waiting to see what’s keeping Lady L.  She would normally be home by now!

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