Nick Goes to Mexico

Well Friday was quite the day.  I got word from Lauren around noon that, due to lack of work for her to do, they let her go from her job at HTA.  Poor Lauren!  Let’s all be really nice to her and give her money.  I’m sure she won’t be out of work for long.  Any company in the Twin Cities would be lucky to have her talent and experience on board!  After I mentioned this news to Aaron, he said that this move could benefit MB.  Now I will have to work extra hard to ensure I keep my job… after all, we wouldn’t want both of us unemployed.

That didn’t stop us from taking in the Twins/Diamondbacks game at night.  Pitching for Arizona was future Hall-of-Famer Randy Johnson, who is second all-time in strikeouts and at one time was the tallest player in history.  Going for career win #288, Big Unit was struck hard by the Twins in a 6-run fourth inning, which ended with a long home run by Craig Monroe.  Despite the rough inning, Unit actually pitched a complete game in a 7-2 win for the Twins. 

It’s also a big day today for the roommates.  Sarah and Walsh spent last night in Sioux Falls and will reportedly be back today.  Lauren may join me in my DJing adventure to Plymouth.  And the most exciting news of all… Nick will be flying out to San Diego with his church group later tonight for the start of his week-long house-building excursion in Tijuana.  Lauren just asked if Nick would bring us back some tequila from Tijuana.  Nick said he wasn’t planning on it.  That remind me, I still have a full bottle of tequila from that wedding dance two weeks ago which I was given as a tip.

Very funny little thing just happened… There’s a TV commercial for PetSmart on where there’s a dog lying in bed and some woman yells “Roscoe!” and the dog gets out of the human bed and into its doggy bed.  Of course Roscoe, missing his mommy Sarah, heard this and perked up, looking around for Sarah.  We hit rewind and played it a couple more times, turning up the volume.  Roscoe was certainly fooled, and even now is wondering who was calling his name. 

Lots of business the next week… DJ tonight, DJ tomorrow night, meet Ma and Pa halfway to exchange cars Monday night, softball Tuesday night, drive to Chicago Wednesday night, Cubs game Thursday, possible White Sox game Friday, drive home Saturday.

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