Country Fried Wedding Dance

I’m back from Plymouth after an evening of DJing another wedding dance.  I was excited to make up the playlist for this one since the bride and groom were both big country fans and asked for mostly country to be played.  First of all, we were delayed an hour when the wedding party was late getting to the reception, and then the bride and groom were the first people to leave the dance.  It didn’t seem like they had as much fun as their guests.

Lauren, being the good sport that she is, came and helped me out for about five hours from 6-11.  Together, we kept the crowd on the dance floor all night, with the exception of a couple bad song choices like “Rocky Top” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  But anytime you clear the floor with a bad song, you can turn it around very quickly with one of about five or six surefire hits, like “Cha Cha Slide,” “Electric Slide,” or in this case, “Chicken Dance.”

I would say the highlight of the night was when I played “Come on Ride the Train” and got about 50 or 60 people to line up and march around the hall to the music stylings of the Quad City DJs.  The lowlight?  The bride and groom taking off at 10:30, and getting just a $25 tip from the father of the bride.

I told Lauren the easiest way to reach fame without much talent is come up with a crappy song with a gimmicky dance.  Just look at Marsha Griffiths… yes, she’s the woman who does “Electric Slide.”  Or Los Del Rio with “Macarena.”  Or DJ Casper with “Cha Cha Slide.”  Or Quad City DJs with “Come On Ride It.”  The list goes on and on… None of these popular dance songs are by respected artists!

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