PTI Style
It’s been a while since I did a Daily Log in the Pardon the Interruption style, where I talk more briefly about a larger number of subjects. Seemed like a good day for that.

1. Pulling Up Lame: After pitching the softball team to victories in the first two games, I was benched due to too many players. It was probably a good thing, since I appear to have hurt a hamstring or something after our first game. After an awkward late slide into second base, I came away with a muscle injury of some sort, which has been bothersome while climbing stairs and running. But I’m not too worried about it. Just wish I could have been out there to play the last six games.

2. Solo Debut: No, I’m not hitting the charts with a new solo album… yet. But it was my first day working alone at AmericInn Thursday night. I was there from 4-11, and from what I had experienced from previous training shifts, I expected it to be much busier. But I kept busy with my duties of checking in guests and doing laundry and stuff.

3. Homecoming at DSU: I had gone all homecoming week without so much as touching a drop of alcohol, contrary to what should be expected on the biggest party week of the year at college. But Thursday after work I made an appearance at the bar for some karaoke. Going on an empty stomach, $6 worth of beer did the trick. I was sick.

4. Bon Jovi in November?: With Bon Jovi’s new album being released September 20, they are launching a new world tour, which includes a stop at the Target Center in Minneapolis. Jason and Amanda already seem interested in attending with me, if I do indeed decide to go, which I would like to.

5. Twins Try for .500: It sucks bad enough that the Twins are out of the playoffs, but to not finish with a .500 record would be adding to the insult. With a 78-74 record, they have to go 3-7 the rest of the way to have an even record, which seems pretty do-able. But with that anemic offense, you never know.

6. Chargers Try for a Win: That San Diego Charger craze of 2004 died quickly in ’05. After a 12-4 year, they’re off to an 0-2 start. Both losses came on crushing last-second plays, so it’s not like they’re playing terrible. The Giants come to town Sunday. At least they’re better than the Vikings.

7. “The Contest” or “Who’s on First”: As the director of one of four Freshman Showcase plays this fall, I decided to either go with a scene from Seinfeld or do the classic “Who’s on First” routine of Abbott and Costello. Well, we all know which one I’d rather do, so it’s a matter of Sue Conover approving a play that talks about being the “master of your domain.”

8. Weird Dream: Andrew Meyer starred as George Bush’s son and former professor Pam Ellis starred as Laura Bush in a mid-day’s dream. I dreamt that I was friends with George Bush’s son, who coincidentally looked just like Valleyfair friend Andrew Meyer, and we all went over to get a tour of the White House when we walked in on Laura Bush changing into lingerie in her bedroom. Suddenly we were at a football game in a huge stadium but we were on the field in recliners, and I was afraid we’d be tackled, but then I remembered I was there with the Bushes, so we would not be bothered.

9. Arrested Is Back, But for Long?: Arrested Development debuted its third season on Monday, much to my delight, but the ratings were even worse than last years’ ratings that saw it inches from cancellation. The rating better pick up quick, because I can’t bear to see another awesome TV show pulled from the air due to poor early season ratings.

10. A Year Ago… Who Could Forget: September 23, 2004 was clearly one for the books. I woke up with a massive headache. A huge branch fell onto our house and indented a foot into the ground. And worst yet, our big screen TV was broken. A bad day all around.

11. Curb Debuts Sunday: The fifth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm debuts Sunday night on HBO, and since I am working at the hotel that night, I will have access to their premium channel lineup. The new Ricky Gervais series, “Extras,” debuts right after.

Well, that’s all for this terribly uneventful Friday afternoon.