1. Finally Hitting Internships Hard: For the first time this semester, I am really starting to get rolling on these internships. I am in the very early stages of the David Glanzer Casting website, and dicks-garage.com is starting to come around, but also very far from done. It looks like I may have to start over on the dicks-garage.com layout after I realized a positioning error today. No big deal, though. Dan Mortenson unfortunately used an awful cropped picture of me on the intern bulletin board in Beadle Hall.

2. September Already Tops: The month of September is still going, but it’s already taken over as the #1 month all-time here at ryanglanzer.com. Not only that, but Monday, September 26 has become the site’s greatest single day ever! Four different days this month have seen the site eclipse the 100 unique visitor mark, matching the all-time number of four. As of 10:45pm on Monday, 707 different people have stopped by the site, shattering the previous record of 652, set in April. If only this site were profitable in some way…

3. Chargers Dominate Giants: In 2004, the Chargers took Eli Manning with the first overall pick. A pouty Eli demanded a trade or he would sit out the season, so the Chargers shipped him to the Giants. Sunday night was the first time the two teams have met since, and the San Diego fans booed Eli out of the game. Ladainian Tomlinson was ridiculous, running for 192 yards and three touchdowns, while catching several passes and throwing for another touchdown. Now it’s off to New England for a tough game.

4. The Other Chargers Go Down in Defeat: As I understand, Alex’s Hamlin-Willow Lake Chargers were brutally beaten once again Friday night, dropping them to a woeful 0-4 on the season. Alex didn’t play basketball, mind you, but there are a few football players who did play on that 0-18 Willow Lake boys’ team from a year ago. Imagine losing every single sports game you’re involved in. Thank God the girls are always in the state title game in basketball.

5. New Worst Class?: Perhaps it’s too early to tell, but this fall’s Systems Analysis and Design class may go down as my least favorite class in my collegiate career. Currently, Zoology is #1. In that class, I carried a low D into the final and somehow came out with a C. Also up there is Biology, World Literature: Humor, and C++ with Ronghua Shan. I have nothing against these professors, it’s simply the subject matter that either doesn’t interest me or is completely over my head.

6. Where Have the Socks Gone?: No, not the White Sox. My actual socks I wear every day. I have always had a difficult time maintaining a full sock wardrobe, but this is ridiculous. I’m down to five pairs after buying 24 new pairs this summer. Where the hell could they possibly go?

7. Picking Picks Back Up: It was kinda nice not having people picking at my skin for a few years. Mom’s all-time favorite disgusting activity was to pop zits on me. I would be standing there talking on the phone or something, and the next thing I know, Mom’s got this look in her eyes like she’s a kid in a candy store, and I’d be fending her off while she poked, picked, and popped. Now, it’s Amanda who has taken right over. I’ll be laying there watching TV and the next thing I know, there’s a painful jab at my skin. If only I could just clear up my skin.

8. Blyleven Talks About Glanzer: I was flipping through the channels Sunday afternoon while working at AmericInn, when I heard my name. “Today’s question comes from Ryan Glazner of Madison, South Dakota,” said Twins announcer Bert Blyleven, reading my misspelled name. I had send in a question about the Twins lack of power hitters and had the announcers stumped. It was just funny to flip to a channel and hear my own name. Amanda can’t understand why I’m so giddy every time I talk about that, but if you were flipping through the channels only to see your own name on TV, you’d be excited I’m sure.

9. Guestbook Heats Up: Wow, it’s a war on the ryanglanzer.com guestbook! I was hoping the discussion board would be the home to Yankee-bashing and such, but the guestbook has clearly taken over. This Mr. Yankee who keeps appearing is certainly the most hated visitor to the site, but we may never know who he is. My guess is he’s one of our friends stirring up some controversy, seeing how I don’t know any Yankee fans.

10. Smoot Trip This Weekend: I got a call the other night from Vikings defender Fred Smoot, asking if I was able to go along with him and some teammates on a boat trip on Lake Minnetonka.  Yes, Fred Smoot, who I’ve never spoken to before in my life.  But somehow I guess he’s a fan of the site, which is cool.  He promised me it would be worth my while, whatever that means, but I can’t make it.  Next time Fred!

Top Ten List | Least Favorite Athletes of All-Time
1. Travis Hafner, Indians: looks like a caveman and frickin dominates the Twins
2. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees: Yanks get top SS of all-time to replace injured 3B Boone
3. Derek Jeter, Yankees: cocky bastard
4. Kobe Bryant, Lakers: cocky bastard
5. Ed McCaffrey, former Bronco: single-handedly beat Chargers every game
6. Nick Punto & Jason Bartlett, Twins: sick of underachieving utility players
7. Mark Buehrle: mouths off every year about Twins
8. Adam Kennedy, Angels: knocked Twins out of ’02 ALCS
9. Ryan Leaf, former Charger: worst draft pick ever
10. Terrell Owens, Eagles: shut up already!

Good bye, all.