1. COVID Club

Last weekend, I tested myself for COVID sort of on a whim. I had had some serious gastrointestinal problems mid-week and woke up one day with a mental fog, of sorts. I never dreamt I actually had COVID, but we had a stack of free tests sitting there. Sure enough, positive! Lauren took one too and she was also positive. Somehow, the kids never got it. We spent the week isolating at home and continuing our work remotely, but the kids weren’t allowed at school, so we had to juggle parenting and work with COVID. Lauren never did show a single symptom, and mine all subsided by Thursday. It’s been over a week now, so we’re rejoining society today. I know a crazy number of people who currently have COVID, and it seems we got off very easy compared to the others, who mostly have bad symptoms.

Fun in the deep woods… ain’t gonna be giving anyone COVID out here!

2. All-Stars

John made the Balcones Youth Baseball Al-Star team for the second straight season. Unlike last year, when COVID canceled the winter city tournament, there really is a tourney this year. That means John and I (elected an All-Star coach) are no longer free for the next couple weeks. Instead, it’s baseball baseball baseball. Practice almost every single day until the tournament June 4-7, where the rules are a little different and the games are going to be way more competitive. John is joined by two other Rockies teammates, Ethan and Easton. Our 3 players were tied for most, despite going 1-11 on the season.

3. Month in Minny

We have long talked about doing a month in Minnesota over the summer. With John now officially aging out of Four Seasons forever (we’ve said our “final” goodbye literally four different times and then wound up back there due to COVID) we have to find summer camps for him. Instead of an endless string of camps, we’re breaking it up with a month up north. Lauren got permission to work remotely, and I of course can whenever I want. The “month” in Minnesota is actually not a month. We’ll do South Dakota for a week on the front end, and then Lauren and Edie have to return to Austin the 24th. John and I will do a long road trip back to Austin over the course of the final week. I think I have it mapped out where we can hit up several minor league stadiums and a Royals game on the way. Gas prices need to start falling for this to be affordable, though.

4. June Travel

Aside from the SD/MN trip, I also will be returning to Tulsa for work in June. It will be the first time the entire Lifecycle Marketing team will all be together in one place. We have a couple new team members now. I return to Austin for a single day, then John and I take off on our DC/Baltimore trip! After months of hanging around home, we’ll soon be stretched thin with trip after trip.

5. Globle

I have added Globle to my daily game lineup, along with Wordle and WARdle and Heardle and others. I am a US geography master, but I don’t know crap about world geography. I am determined to sit there and guess 50+ countries until I get the mystery country of the day though.