Cheers to my company who threw in a pair of unscheduled days off in May for Mental Health Awareness Month. Granted, we have unlimited PTO, so I could have taken those days off anyway, but it’s much different when everyone is off and you’re not missing out on anything.

The first such day was Friday. Lauren and I already had a home remodel design meeting scheduled, so we drove up to Georgetown for that in the morning. Afterwards, we dropped her CR-V off for a full detailing for a Mother’s Day treat. Next, I was off to Oak Haven for a massage. I am not usually one for massages, not because it isn’t beneficial, but I always feel guilty having someone pamper me for 50+ minutes. But darn it, sitting in a shitty IKEA office chair 8 hours a day has been doing a number on my body, so I gave in and got one. It was the best massage I’d ever had, and I was talked into scheduling a monthly one! She really worked the forearms, something that were in rough shape from so much sitting and typing and clicking a mouse. I also asked the masseuse to investigate my aching right shoulder, which experiences a deep burning pain when I do things like reach behind my back, throw a baseball with any effort, push downward on something, or try to close a window. Obviously a masseuse won’t have all the answers, but signs point towards a possible rotator cuff injury. Damned if I know how that happened!

In addition to the massage, I ordered a new office chair. I was about to pull the trigger on another cheap one, but a coworker urged me to reconsider and invest in a great one. After all, I sit there darn near as much as a lay in my bed. After much research, I decided on one from Autonomous for $495… it darn well better be worth it! It sounds extravagant, but some others I researched were well over $1,000 including the Herman Miller ones. I will report back Tuesday when it arrives.

It is beginning to feel more like pre-pandemic around here, aside from still having to be masked in public. We had at least 5 consecutive nights this week where we were busy outside the house. Monday night was John’s final baseball practice. Tuesday I went out downtown with three former CA colleagues who were in town for various reasons. Wednesday the neighbors planned a Cinco de Mayo outing to celebrate their Mexican heritage with steak night at The Water Tank. I wowed the crowd with some karaoke afterwards. Thursday night was another John baseball game. Friday night friends were over and brought dinner. Saturday John had his baseball finale, and attended a rare birthday party. And today, of course, is Mother’s Day. A full week of what feels like fully normal activity!

Lastly, I have set a date for my first real beard trim in at least 6.5 years, and first haircut in about 16 months—June 1. We’ll let ‘er ride through the 20-year HS reunion and then get it trimmed up for another hot summer.

Congrats to BYS Spring 2021 Coach Pitch champions—John and the Blue Jays!
Edie picking a devil of a wedgie while watching videos with bestie Dani.
Dana, Caryn, and Lauren enjoying a night out on Cinco de Mayo.
We got a lot of rain last Saturday.
My hair is starting to really take shape!