Happy birthday to Johnny Colfax!

Ah, a whole year… where did the time go? In some ways it is hard to believe Little Fella is a year old Saturday, and in other ways it does feel like a whole year if not much more. It has been a life-changing year for us, that’s for damn sure! But in a very good way, of course. Johnny has brought much joy to our lives.

It’s too bad this bout with diarrhea had to hit this week, but there are worse things. I was forced to stay home with him both Tuesday and Wednesday because daycare sent him away until he was recovered. I took him to the doctor Wednesday and Doc Howard said it was nothing to worry about and to just temporarily change up his diet. In the mean time, we got to spend some quality time together in the house, not to venture far away in case of poopsplosion. We pretty much ate lots of snacks, rolled balls back and forth, read his most favorite book Noisy Farm (gift from Alex and Ann family) several times, napped, and walked the dog on repeat for two days.

I thought about compiling a video highlighting his first year as Jordan has done so many times with the Krogman kids, but we’ve got too much going on already with his birthday party at the house tomorrow. I haven’t even made a beer run! Instead, enjoy this photographic look back at the year that was.
















Our attempt at a simple footprint went a little haywire.

Nawww, so cute sitting in a seat all by himself.

20150514_174536 (1)

Johnny's first swim! It takes place in the luxurious Davenport Hampton Inn pool.

Great-aunt Alice hangs with Theo and John at the reception.

The family takes in Cloud Gate, the famous bean sculpture at Millennium Park in Chicago.

Never seen a happier fella!


I took Johnny to Brushy Creek Park Saturday morning before it got too hot. He had some fun on a swing.

This cool dude isn't sure whether to root for his home-state Rangers or the Twins.