Johnny Turns 2 Months; Photo Caption Contest!

Johnny is 2 months old tomorrow (Wednesday). It seems like longer than 2 months to me; time has not exactly flown by. That’s likely because I’ve been awake more in the last 2 months than ever before. But that’s not to say we aren’t enjoying every second with our little tot.  Here are some 2-month fun facts!

  • He’s mostly been a very good night sleeper and a poor napper during the day, but that has gotten better the past couple weeks.
  • He can’t turn away from lights and ceiling fans.
  • He doesn’t mind big brother Baxter licking his face too much, or he’s at least oblivious to it.
  • He likes to be propped up on my lap while I’m sitting on the couch and listen to me make funny noises and gurgling sounds.
  • He likes lying on the changing table but hates lying in his co-sleeper despite them being so similar.
  • He likes going outside, which calms him down if he’s fussy.
  • He likes going for walks in the stroller around the neighborhood; usually it puts him to sleep.
  • He tends to fall asleep to me singing to him rather loudly. The Cheers theme song and George Strait’s “The Chair” seem to work best.
  • Changing diapers is easy.
  • Putting baby clothes on him is somewhat difficult.
  • The Vikings are 3-2 when he wears a team onesie; 0-3 when he does not.
  • He has had his first kiss from a girl his age; Lexi Mego has given him a couple smooches on the face.
  • He falls asleep pretty quickly in his Mei Tai baby wrap. Of the 6 various wraps we have, it’s the one that works best right now.
  • He has been to several bars including Whole Foods and Easy Tiger; he was kicked out of Little Woodrow’s.

In other news, I purchased a military-grade 1TB (1,000GB, to the layperson; or, 100x as big as the hard drive on my original Macbook from ’01) external hard drive that is ultra-resistant to water, fire, drops, surges, etc. On this hard drive shall go the master photo archive I’ve been busy working on. And once I am finished, it will go into our safe. I have taken a break from the scanning this week just to start filing things and gathering some other of my digital photos from more recent years. I have merely grazed the surface and I’ve already worked with over 16,000 photos. I wonder who but me would appreciate having such a thing organized so tactfully? Who else would enjoy sitting there and looking through thousands of photos? Jason, I could see enjoying that. It has been a little too nostalgic going through all these pictures, maybe. I’ve found myself wishing we were back in Minneapolis too many times.

Caption Contest!
Here’s my Throwback Photo of the Day for today from 1987. What must be going on in this photo? Caption this photo in the comments section and one winner will receive a very special prize from me!



  1. Here’s my caption:
    “Well, it could be worse; she could have come home with a St. Bernard”.

    I have another, but it’s crude and probably not fitting for an old lady to say, so let’s stick with the first.

  2. Or, here’s another…
    “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, little ball of fur.
    Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, purr, purr, purr.”
    You won’t get it, because you don’t watch Big Bang Theory.

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