He’s One Sick Puppy

Last night, if nothing else, was good practice at what is likely to come later this year.

Our faithful hound came down with a really annoying illness known as kennel cough. Out of nowhere around 9pm last night, he began a hacking/gagging noise. It reminded me of this.

We went to bed and slept a few hours, then around 4 he got in our bed and puked and kept on hacking away. I took him downstairs and figured he was choking on something and tried to unclog his throat to no avail. After very little sleep the rest of the morning, we took Bax to the vet where he was diagnosed with the illness. $118 worth of pup pills later and we were on our way.

Lauren worked from home to keep an eye on the poor little guy during the day, where he apparently repeatedly stared at her sadly and coughed up piles of spit all over the carpet.

As I write this, he’s sleeping and not coughing. But if the vet is accurate, it will take him a bit longer to recover.

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