Lauren noticed an ugly spot in the living room today where water had seeped through the ceiling and left a wall rather water damaged. She also noticed massive clogging in our gutters. I had cleaned them out a month or two ago, but the violent rain last night washed a bunch of leaves and gunk into them again, clogging and backing them up so badly that water had nowhere to go but through the roof, apparently.

Despite more inclement weather tonight, I had no choice but to head outside with the ladder in the rain and unclog the gutters. Once I threw massive amounts of leaves onto the ground the waters came surging through the system. One particular spot was so full of crap that the gutter came unbolted from the side of the house and was dangling by a prayer.

Now, I’m never one to complain about heavy rain and thunderstorms, but such a thing as the gutters getting backed up never occurred to me. So this weekend I plan to go out and buy a longer ladder so I can get up on the roof and fix the higher gutters.