I am going to attempt to write something every day for the foreseeable future. I think it would be fun to look back a few years from now once this tiny baby is running around and see what sorts of things we were going through. I’m not sure I have enough content to do that, but it will force me to think of something!

Today at work I was pranked into believing some stranger was so angry with me that he set up a Yelp page for me as an individual and wrote a terrible 1-star review. He was bashing things such as my yapping on and on about Minnesota teams and Baxter and harassing small children after finding a photo online of me tossing nieces around in a hotel pool. I didn’t really know who was behind it, but it was obvious that it was a prank and all signs pointed to someone in the office. By day’s end, co-worker Brian Byrne-Soria had stepped forward and admitted it was his work… with the help of many colleagues, apparently. But I’m a good sport and played along with the prank before flagging the review as inappropriate. The review itself was removed, but the Ryan Glanzer page on Yelp remains with several other reviews posted from Facebook friends.

Baxter has been adjusting well to us being back home. When we picked him up on Saturday night he looked horrible. His eyes were baggy as if he hadn’t slept a wink and he looked malnourished. His separation anxiety must have gotten the best of him while we left him in our friends’ care. Obviously it was no fault of the Viviritos and Megos who were extremely gracious to watch after the little mongrel, but rather a poor dog with some anxiety issues that need sorting out. This week I’ve started running Baxter again, we’ve let him sleep in our bed, and we’ve been mixing in some tastier food so he’ll start eating again… and he’s finally back in good spirits. What a nut.

Tonight we ate chili for dinner, which Lauren prepared ahead of time and left in the crockpot through the day. Perhaps as a result of being in the grocery biz, Lauren has been super at coming up with a meal plan on Sundays, doing all the shopping, and even doing a lot of the prep work for each meal so I can come home from work and throw things in a pot or something and make dinner easily. Tonight our chili and cornbread was a perfect fit for the 3-minute storm that passed through while we sat and watched the NFL Draft, the most overrated thing ever.