Last night I had my first dream about the future baby, and it was really alarming.

The baby was born quick and painlessly, and it was a boy. The Glanzers were all there in the waiting room as Lauren carried him out. The baby quickly went from tiny and baby-like to 40 pounds with stubbly facial hair. Moments later, the baby was speaking full sentences and was significantly larger.

So as far as baby dreams go, it’s Boy 1, Girl 0.

As ridiculous as that dream was, it was better than some previous generic baby dreams of me lifting someone else’s baby’s head into a ceiling fan repeatedly.

In other baby news, we toured our first daycare today. It seems so early, but this is a major city and most places are already filled and we need to get on a waiting list 6-9 months in advance. Whatever we wind up with ain’t gonna be like your local Willow Lake daycare, unfortunately. Anything under $1000/month should be considered a bargain. Where we’ll come up with all that extra cash remains to be seen. I’ll be scoping out some contract projects and we’ll stop feeding the beagle, for starters.