Motivated on the Weekend

During the week I never have any motivation do accomplish anything around the house, but on the weekends I am very damn productive, especially first thing in the morning. This weekend I cleaned several rooms and closets in the house, organized a bunch of junk, took six bags of old clothes to Goodwill, and spent several hours in the garage beginning to build the first farmhouse bench. In fact I learned how to utilize my circular saw to notch wood, as seen below. Once a bunch of slits were sawed next to each other, I was simply able to knock them all out with a couple pounds of the hammer.

Notching wood so I can build a farmhouse bench.
Notching wood so I can build a farmhouse bench.

And then I was able to do this.


Those are the legs for the bench. I should have plenty of time to work on the project this week with Lauren on the road for work.

One comment

  1. I’m impressed…..looks like you’re finding your way around wood working tools quite well. My only fear is Mom will say ” make me one of those just like Ryan did” .

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