Woooo, I made it to 30! There were a few different celebrations this week. On Tuesday, fellow August 23 birthday boy Brian Mego and I went to Spec’s to each purchase a nice bottle of scotch, which we sampled back at the apartment. My bottle was a gift of sorts from Lauren, who gave me the go-ahead to get something nice.

Brian and me with our delicious birthday scotch purchases.

Then on Thursday, my real birthday, we celebrated at the office with ice cream and singing. Lauren also had a box of warm cookies and brownies delivered to the office, which I shared with the gang. After work it was the season volleyball finale at Weirdo’s, where we ended with a convincing win.

Friday after work we went out for dinner at Fogo de Chao, one of my all-time faves, with the Megos, Bartholics, and Mike Franklin. It was the least amount of meat I’ve eaten in my three trips to Fogo… I wanted to make damn sure I didn’t overdo it and make myself sick with more festivities to follow. The next stop was Prohibition-era speakeasy bar Peche. The owner came around and told us all what to order based on brief conversations with us. Pretty cool joint! We were joined by 18 others there for a total crowd of 25 people… like last year’s house party, a very successful turnout. Ryan and Heather Bartholic got a hotel room downtown and offered to share it with us, so no one had to worry about driving home.

And yes, since everyone has asked, 30 does feel much different than 29. I think the past decade definitely went by fastest of my three decades.

Some of the crowd at Peche… thankfully they let us push a bunch of tables together.

And now begins our week of packing. We’re off to a pretty good start packing crap into boxes. Truth be told, thanks to the vast number of times each of us has moved over the past decade, we really don’t have much stuff. Every time I move I weed a few more things out. In the last 11 years, I have moved seventeen times. It’s actually kinda hard to accumulate a lot of stuff when you don’t stay anywhere for more than a few months. Our two years at Colfax was hands-down the longest stay anywhere.

So, it’s a short three-day work week, then we’re off Thursday for closing and figure may as well take Friday too and make it a five-day weekend with Labor Day on Monday. We’ll probably do a bulk of the moving over those five days, but the apartment overlaps for the month of September so we’re not in any huge hurry.

Of course, Houndy Roundy is mighty confused as to what’s going on. He has no idea what fun he’s in store for though with his new backyard.

Baxter is confused by all the packaging. “You pack me away? I go too?”

And of course a big congrats to our close friends C. M. Walsh and Sarah Domenichetti on this weekend’s engagement! They of course met around the same time as me and Lauren. Lauren and Sarah were roommates, and Walsh and I were fellow DSU grads on the prowl in Minneapolis raising hell. Walsh and Sarah officially met at Lauren’s 24th birthday party at the CC Club in February 2008.