I enjoy having downtime, but even then I, like most people, need things to keep my mind busy. This is easier said than done as an almost-30-year-old in an apartment. I think if we had a house, I would keep myself occupied with yardwork or trying to teach myself how to do household repairs or improvements. As it is, we can’t mess with the apartment. There is no grass to mow, no garage to do a project in, and no rooms to make improvements upon. So way too much of my free time gets spent staring at computer screens or the TV. And with the extreme heat hitting again, and Baxter already panting after just minutes outside, we’ll be spending more time than usual indoors to stay cool. 

Sadly, my ways of passing time without spending too much money usually come down to watching the Twins lose (which is more stressful than fun the past two years), thinking of ways of keeping the beagle from destroying our possessions, working away at completing TV series on Netflix, and browsing the web. And these activities are all too often accompanied by the consumption of beer.

This is kinda pathetic, but lately my favorite hobby has been replying to spam e-mail. But there is a method to this madness. I hope to reply to 50-60 spam e-mails and start a new funny blog where I post the whole thread. It is already a huge hit at work, and I have several co-workers both past and present who are just as involved in this project as I am. If you think I’m the first to try this, you are wrong—I was inspired by this guy. He is just terrorizing real people’s Craigslist postings mostly, but it’s the same basic idea.

Unless someone can think of a better way for me to pass the time (and I’m open to suggestions), I am going to proceed with this hilarious project.