Last weekend Lauren and I went to Houston with our new friends Ryan and Heather, who moved here last month from Columbus, Ohio. I had known Ryan through our days working together in the optical media industry, as his company sold our company’s products. When they moved into town, for many of the same reasons as us, we were about the only people they knew.

Anyway, we all went to Houston for the weekend to catch the Astros game vs. the Reds. We had a hotel room downtown near the park, great for walking everywhere. Aside from the game being exciting, there weren’t really any great stories from the trip. We probably drank way too much, but again without having to drive anywhere or worry about Baxter for a night, we let a bit loose!

Baxter, meanwhile, stayed overnight at a co-worker’s house. He and his wife had a great time taking care of Baxter, and he in turn had lots of fun playing in a grassy backyard. He was all worn out by the time we arrived Sunday afternoon to pick him up. Apparently there was a Boxer puppy next door and it wanted to play with Baxter and tried digging a hole under the fence. He couldn’t quite make it, so my co-worker took out a shovel and finished digging the hole. He also wanted the tiny pup to make his way over to play.

At work, my department is moving to a new location in the building and we are all busy planning the new layout and discussing paint colors, whiteboard walls, crazy lighting, and even a community tent in the middle of the floor for meetings or whatever. Most of my ideas have been either taken as jokes or shot down, but I did convince everyone we need an adult-sized ball pit! How fun would that be to come to work and dive into a giant ball pit?! I was always too old to play in those pits at the McDonald PlayPlaces by the time they were put into restaurants.

Some special pre-game Astros colored shots.
Ryan, Lauren, and Heather decked out in their Astros gear.
Lauren and me outside Minute Maid Park