It was a painful weekend for us… literally. While out celebrating our fifth consecutive Valentine’s Day of eating Buffalo Wild Wings and watching a televised Minnesota Wild game, I went to sit down at the bar and managed to set my chair and all my weight down on Lauren’s foot. The only reaction she could make was to clutch my arm, squeezing tighter and tighter, as no voice would come out of her mouth. Finally, after several seconds when I realized that I was still crushing her poor foot, I got up and she was freed. Obviously it was an excruciatingly painful experience, but it wasn’t anything 24 boneless wings couldn’t fix!

Now how many people walk into a bar in Austin, TX on a Saturday night and ask the bartender to switch the TV to hockey? None so far, that I have seen. So imagine how few go into a bar and ask specifically to watch the Minnesota Wild vs. Columbus Blue Jackets? That would be multiple parties, actually. When I asked the bartender to put on the game, they were already working on the request from another patron a couple seats down with Minnesota ties. Bizarre!

Then there was this absolute jackass sitting alone a few seats behind us, quite portly and sweat pouring off his face. This guy was probably quite drunk, but he may have just been naturally moronic. He blabbered for minutes on end to me, making no sense whatsoever. Some of the things he said to us included…

– “So no offense, but I was just up in Iowa and you know Michelle Obama’s got this national obesity program going on. What you need to do is go up there and sponsor a youth golf tournament, get Obama involved. I don’t know, I suppose you’d have to get other golf companies involved, but get those kids out there, that would make you millions.” – after learning I work for Callaway.

– “Yeah you drive on down to Houston, you go to the Toyota Center, get there two, three hours early. You go get yourself a hotel room, $80 a night, go get yourself some $185 Rockets tickets for $54. It’s a good time. That’s what I did. Hey, your Minnesota team is in town on Friday. You and your friends go rent a room, I’ll be there. I’ll see you down there. Look for me four rows back of the bench.” – after seeing me cheer for the Timberwolves.

– “So what do you think about this: I walk into Bank of America in Dallas, and the banker tells me I have a zero balance on my mortgage. Who do you think could have paid that? My brother maybe? I told her listen, here’s my social security number. She punches it into her computer and asks me what’s my current address. Well, I own houses in Iowa, Las Vegas, and Dallas, so she doesn’t know what one to pick. You, you, you think my brother might have paid that off?” – no clue what that might have been in relation to…

Sunday we prepared for our visitors by making a run to the Round Rock IKEA and stocking up on stuff. We bought a new bed frame, two bed stand tables, a book shelf, and a few other odds and ends and came home to assemble them. One of the shelves was intended to cover up a chunk of carpet Baxter had destroyed. Ironically, Baxter was later caught destroying the shelf, having chewed a large chunk out of it while we weren’t watching. While we were tending to that, he went into our bedroom and pissed on the brand spanking new bed again. That dog… he needs some serious discipline!!

Earlier that day it got a little wintry here. It actually snowed very briefly. I managed to find a tiny patch where it had accumulated while out walking with Baxter. It was gone within an hour, and now winter is over here for another year!

Trace snowfall in Austin, TX
Baxter doesn't quite understand what he's experiencing, but that is a minuscule amount of snow on the ground in Austin.