Beagle Update: Day 4
Baxter has had a tough week without his dear mama at home to watch after him during the day. Our strategy for the first few days had been simple: leave him out in the apartment and hope for the best. Everyone at work tells me “you need to crate him!” but it seemed so damn cruel leaving him trapped in a cage crying all day long. Technically I guess he is crate-trained; he always walks right into his crate at night for sleep with little fuss. But putting him in there in the daytime is torture for the poor pooch, so we really didn’t want to do that to him for many hours on end.

Three mornings this week I have taken Bax out for a morning run of about a mile, hoping to tire him out for the day, and it has been a massive success for both of us… for a few hours. I have come home over break every day to let him out, and every day so far he had been a perfect lil’ pup in the mornings… until today when I discovered a new pair of Lauren’s shoes destroyed and a steaming pile of crap in front of the TV. Here I thought I was being nice leaving the TV on so he could watch daytime soaps! So when I left to go back to work at 12:45 I boxed the little critter up in his crate and there he sat until 5:15. I was told by a neighbor that he heard crying constantly all day.

Friday he will finally get his big break; I am dropping him off at 7am at DogBoys, a giant 20-acre playland for pups. It’s $26 a day, so it will have to be a once-a-week kinda thing, but he desperately needs some dog-on-dog playtime. Jeez, who woulda thought taking care of a dog would be so much trouble!

Other Tidbits

  • The Timberwolves seem really competitive and entertaining from the few highlights I’ve managed to catch. If there is a half-season package, I may have to consider. I’m sure Lauren would whole-heartedly agree.
  • I stopped at Rudy’s BBQ to get some breakfast tacos this morning on the way to work. By the time I got to work and was carrying them to my desk, the delicious grease had soaked through the bag and it softly tore open, spilling my precious breakfast on the office carpet. Yes I still ate it.
  • I am on a big Sammy Kershaw kick right now on Spotify. I can’t get enough of this video from 1996. Sammy is such a perv stalker at the airport, taking candid photos of fellow air travelers without their permission. But the song is fabulous. I may have to revise that stupid country countdown I did a few years ago!
  • Lauren and I are still big Foursquare geeks, taking 20 seconds to “check in” every time we go anywhere, including home and work. I am still the Foursquare mayor of eight places including Microboards, Dick’s Garage, Great Hills Park, and Ray’s BBQ of Friday Night Lights fame.
  • I swore I would never pick up another freelance website gig because they always end up being way more work than I envision, but Luke Katuin has hooked me up with the good folks of India Palace. Project TBD.
  • Coincidence of all coincidences: Lauren’s new co-worker at WF is my old elementary school PE teacher Mrs. Meyer’s niece. How bizarre.
  • Lastly, I know there are many big darts fans out there amongst my readers. I hope you all take a look at, a website operated by my UK Microboards pal Andrew Taylor, who I hear is a devil of a dart tosser.