Today’s the last day before we leave on vacation, and we are super excited! I was very happy yesterday to receive a call from CBS, giving me instructions on how to obtain tickets to Thursday’s taping of the Late Show with David Letterman. I had to call an intern and answer a question about the show; they gave me a couple opportunities to get the answer right. So, Lauren and I scored two tickets to the show. Special guests will be Jodie Foster, comedian Tom Dreesen, and music by Neon Trees. I was told we’re going to be forced to laugh hysterically at everything. I am sure that won’t be a problem. It has long been a dream of mine to be in the audience at a TV show taping, so I’m pretty excited. Be sure to watch Thursday night to see if we make it on TV!

We’ll be heading to the airport early. How early? Our flight leaves around 9:00, which means boarding will start around 8:30. My preference would be to get to the airport super early, like at 6:30, just in case security is tight. Plus, that gives us a chance to sit down and have a casual breakfast somewhere in the airport. Walsh kindly offered us a ride to the airport at 7:30, but there’s no way I’d be able to wait that long, while Lauren would gladly take the extra sleep. Regardless, I’ll be so excited by 5:30 am that I’ll spring out of bed and be bouncing off the walls. If we wait till 7:30 I’ll be totally flustered and a nervous wreck. Lauren would probably be wise to just keep me under control and give in to my absurd earliness. Sorry dear. I think I was just born that way… and I like being annoyingly punctual.

Last night, in 30-degree weather, was our second softball game. We lost pretty bad, something like 19-6. I went just 1-for-3 at the plate with an RBI single, dropping my season average to .750. I blamed my poor showing on forgetting my batting gloves. The team falls to 0-1-1 on the year.

Tonight, Walsh and I will bring you the tenth episode of the Shed Party Show, live at 8:00 from our apartment where Lauren and I will be busy packing. We’ve booked legendary South Dakota meteorologist Jay Trobec at 8:30, the first minor celebrity to appear on the show. We’ll also be discussing some politics, including the bin Laden death. It should be entertaining given how little I know about the subject. Prior to hearing the news of his death on Sunday night, I could have sworn he was already dead. I had no idea he wasn’t dead yet and I also had no idea the country would react in such joy. I know so little about 9/11 and Al Qaeda it’s ridiculous… actually I don’t even know what Al Qaeda is. I just picture desert and guns and turbans… and terror! Lauren and Walsh both seemed amazed/disgusted when I told them this last night, but it should come as no surprise. Historically, if something doesn’t directly effect me, it kinda goes in one ear and out the other, or over my head. But I’m trying really hard to be a better American and learn about these kinds of things. Or maybe I’m better off just continuing to ignore global current events and worry about snow in May and the Twins. Guarantee that will come up on the show tonight and I’m bound to make a complete fool of myself. Tune in for that!