Shed Party Show Moved to Tuesday Night, 8pm
Sorry for those of you trying to follow along with our ever-changing schedule for the Shed Party Show, but tonight’s episode has been moved to Tuesday night at 8:00. First we had softball push the show from Monday to Sunday, and now Walsh has had a last-minute scheduling conflict push the show to Tuesday. Lauren and I will be busy packing for our trip, so the show will likely be taking place from our humble apartment. Be sure to tune in then! I was in talks with KELO-Land TV’s Jay Trobec to call in to the show, so we’ll see if we can make it happen or not. Not sure what we’ll do for next week’s show with me on the road, but I’m sure we’ll notify everyone in plenty of time.

It Snowed Today. And Today is May 1.
I won’t spent any time whatsoever on this, but just for the record, when I was coming home from the YWCA today, there were definitely snow flurries in the air. Nothing accumulating, but it was bitterly cold and windy with traces of flurries. The forecast called for a high of 50 today, but in actuality it never got out of the 30s and the wind chill makes it feel like 23. Whatever. Again, all I can say–and I can’t believe I even have to say this in MAY–but as long as the MSP International Airport runway is clear for takeoff on Wednesday morning, I’ll be fine.

And here’s a question I have wondered about… How come you only hear howling wind when it’s cold out? Is it because of the way it cuts through the leafless trees?

Vacation Even Nearer
Nothing new to say about our 8-day vacation coming up this week. It’s two days of work and then we’re off to New York City. We still need to sit down one of these nights and figure out our plans for each day, baseball games aside. The 10-day forecasts for New York and Boston don’t look promising with lots of rain. I am currently watching the Weather Channel, and I kid you not, they just said that temps might be cold enough in the northeast to where we could see snow mid-week. Unbelievable. I really thought we’d be in the clear the first week of May. Just hoping we can get our games in.

DJing Career Winding Down?
Last night I DJ’d another wedding dance. The couple provided me with a long list of slow songs, none of which really got the crowd dancing. But I was plenty satisfied as they became the first couple ever to give me a tip before I even sat down to set up my computer! They also were one of the very few couples to have a buffet-style dinner, so I was able to load up on food too. All in all, one of my top 5 all-time most profitable wedding dances.

However, I told the Profile I would be ending my DJ career after my last scheduled event on June 17. Sort of. At the very least, I won’t be put onto the schedule for any more dances beyond then for now until we get a few things in line.

Twins Rant… You Knew It Was Coming Sooner or Later
So yeah, for the first time since 2000, the Twins are the worst team in baseball this late into the season. They have the worst record, the worst hitting, the worst pitching, and the worst fielding in the league… and many would say worst management, but that can’t really be proven with stats. There’s really not a positive to speak of outside of the respectable starts by Jason Kubel and Denard Span at the plate, and Brian Duensing and Scott Baker on the mound. Everyone else, with the possible exception of Glen Perkins, has underachieved big-time. I have been very quiet about it here on the blog and instead have headed over to Twitter where I join in the endless negative chatter. Don’t follow me on Twitter unless you’re interested in seeing a bunch of mindless hateful Twins comments.

I can really only tolerate watching three or four innings on TV before the game gets out of hand and I can literally feel my blood pressure rising to unsafe levels. Today I made it through the top of the sixth before heading to the gym to burn off some steam. I can actually tolerate the Twins losing as long as they’re high-scoring games. I can take a 10-7 loss or a 13-10 loss, but I’m so sick of these 7-1 and 9-2 games.

This week I figured I’d try what Walsh tried last week, and picked up whoever the Twins’ opposing pitcher was in fantasy baseball. I added Bruce Chen, Sean O’Sullivan, and Luke Hochevar and they all did nice jobs for the team.

Here’s one nice statistic though: the Twins are 2-0 when I’ve seen them play in person this year. When I don’t they are 7-18. So at least we’ve picked decent games to go to. And the fact that the rival White Sox are right alongside them at 10-19 is also comforting. The Tigers aren’t much further ahead at 12-16. And the Indians are the best team in the majors?! The whole division is completely opposite of what everyone predicted.

I could go on and on and on about the amazing statistics of the 2011 season so far, but I doubt too many of you came to my blog to read about the Twins’ struggles. I’ll just wrap this up by saying how I think the Twins could get better in the next week or two. 1) Demote Drew Butera and promote Rene Rivera. I don’t care if you’re the greatest defensive catcher ever, a .104 batting average doesn’t cut it. 2) Release Alexi Casilla immediately and sign or trade for virtually any other veteran shortstop to take his place. I’m not among those who think Trevor Plouffe is the answer at short, but seriously I believe I could outperform Casilla right now. Can we get Brendan Harris back? 3) Bring Kevin Slowey off the DL and give him Liriano’s spot in the rotation, move Liriano to the long-relief role, and ship Eric Hacker back to AAA.