I have a few things I could talk about today, but I don’t want to give up all my good content for tonight’s podcast! So you’ll just have to tune in tonight from 8-10 at shedpartyshow.com or download it later on.

The weekend was, however, a nice time. Friday night we had the Berglund-Husebys over for dinner and board games. We tried playing the game Quelf for the first time since getting it as a wedding present, but it didn’t go over too well. It has you do a bunch of ridiculous stunts and acting in front of the group. One of the cards I drew had me try to drink a glass of water with my lips against the side of the glass that’s being tilted in the air, not the side the water is pouring from. Doesn’t work.

Saturday we took a long walk in the freezing cold and snow all the way downtown (about 3 miles). Lauren got a chance to try out her new Canon Rebel TI camera on some good outdoor scenery for the first time. I’m hoping she posts her pictures somewhere soon because she got a ton of pictures of a squirrel on a branch in a park. When we arrived downtown we wandered around the Twins Pro Shop and then grabbed a bite at Kieran’s Irish Pub. The rest of the day we started watching The Sopranos. Since we finished Six Feet Under in 2009 we are yet to get back into an old TV series. So far, pretty entertaining.

Sunday morning we joined T-Ro at Brit’s to watch some English soccer. It was Arsenal vs. Birmingham, and I felt a little awkward being in the middle of a screaming crowd of authentic British Arsenal fans, especially wearing the Birmingham colors by coincidence. Apparently we left right before a wild ending. The rest of Sunday was spent watching more Sopranos and then the Oscars. I’ll get into more detail on the Oscars on tonight’s show, but I beat Lauren in the pick’em contest, earning a moderate-priced dinner at the restaurant of my choosing.

Also, shortly after going to bed last night, I got up and sleepwalked out into the hallway and woke up midway through, frightened and confused as to why I was out of bed walking around.