• Monday night’s podcast was a moderate success. Walsh and I were happy to have as many as 21 listeners at once, and presumably around 40 listened at some point that night. Another 15 have downloaded the MP3 and a dozen more have streamed the show from the website since it aired. We have some work to do on content and sound quality, but overall it was a pretty good first try! Did you listen to it? If so what did you think? We are anxious to hear some feedback so we know how we can improve!

• I haven’t done a great job of mentioning this, but my Tumblr blog is still going strong after two months of posting daily pictures. Lauren has one too.

• This Sunday is the 83rd Academy Awards, and for the first time ever I have seen all of the Best Picture nominees, which is even more impressive considering there are ten nominees nowadays. I am having a tough time deciding between The King’s Speech and Social Network for my favorite Best Picture, but I think Social Network will win. It seems a foregone conclusion that Colin Firth will win Best Actor and Natalie Portman will win Best Actress. I’ll pick Christian Bale for Supporting Actor, Hailee Steinfield for Supporting Actress, and Darren Aronofsky for Best Director. As I said before, I liked all the nominees this year and am not too concerned with who wins.

• Speaking of the Best Pictures, Lauren and I have only one remaining Best Picture winner to see before our project is complete, and that is 1933’s hard-to-find Cavalcade, which is the lone winner never to be released on DVD. I found a copy on VHS on eBay for $5.99 and may have to buy it if we want to finish our project. Sunday we actually made it through 1928’s winner, the silent film Wings.

The DJing business really picks up again soon. I met with two couples Tuesday night and discussed their upcoming wedding plans. I was dismayed to learn I had been scheduled on the first two days of the Twins season, April 1 and 2. Normally the season starts on a Monday, but this year they moved it to Friday and I forgot about that and didn’t ask for it off. I honestly don’t know how I’ll cope having to be at work on Opening Night at Toronto. I guess I’ll have my Droid with me, I can follow along that way.

• Tonight is the third installment of reviewing food for Luke Katuin’s business FNS Delivers. So far Lauren and I have received free meals and written reviews for Kabuki Sushi and Greek Grill, and tonight we will sample Great Mandarin. We have also had Jeff LaPlant along and filmed his video reviews of the restaurants.

• After this winter’s second snowstorm of 15+ inches last weekend, it was once again parking madness. Uptown was a disaster; there was literally nowhere to park the Grand Prix when I got home from work. I drove around until someone pulled out of their spot and I pulled in. And then I had to leave again soon after to do the podcast. When I got home from that, I was back in the same position, so I just plowed into a deep snow bank on the side of the road and left the car there till morning. When morning came, I spent 55 minutes digging the car out. It was the most exhausting workout I’ve had in a long time. My muscles were very sore the next day. Snow effing sucks! I don’t mind winter’s cold temps, but I’ve had it with snow for a while.

• Oh, I nearly forgot. I went to a psychiatrist last week and was told the same thing a regular doctor told me a few months ago, that I probably have Tourrette’s Syndrome. (Not the kind where I’m yelling profanities.) That diagnosis certainly would explain my years of annoying nervous tics like heavy blinking and other various facial muscle movements that I seemingly have little control over. They gave me some new medication and sent me on my way. I haven’t noticed a big difference in the first six days.