Here was the view outside our window when I woke up this morning.

Winter Wonderland, Minneapolis
About six inches of wet, heavy snow has fallen so far since I went to bed last night.

As I have said before, I’m not really big into snow, but the first one of the year is tolerably amusing. I guess as long as the snow doesn’t severely hamper my ability to drive, I don’t have a huge problem with it, but I’m certainly not the type to run out and frolic in the snow or go out on my imaginary snowmobile.

Fun DJ Notes from Friday
Last night I DJ’d a wedding dance after work, and witnessed my first medical emergency on the job. Things were interrupted when a woman in the crowd screamed and leaped up on her chair, as if there was a rat running loose in the building. A few others in the area did the same. Then the panic from that area really set in; everyone was screaming and running for cover. I had no clue what was going on, but soon discovered a younger man had collapsed and fallen to the ground. (Why one’s reaction is to jump up and stand on your chair, I don’t know…) Paramedics were called and he was taken out on a stretcher, but appeared to have been revived. It wouldn’t be easy, but I would have to quickly get the crowd back into good spirits so the night o’ fun could continue. I guess I succeeded in that.

Also last night, there were probably 8-10 little girls under the age of 8, and they were absolutely enamored with me. They sat at the DJ table the entire night, sticking their heads around the laptop to see what song was playing next. They spent 90% of the dance worrying about what song would be playing next rather than just enjoying what song was currently playing. One 7-year old girl requested some Warren G, and that’s when the party really got going. I came to two conclusions why this crowd of second-graderish girls were so obsessed with hanging around me. Either they think it’s fun to hang around with wedding DJs in general, or I’m too nice and wasn’t able to effectively tell them to go away. Lauren the other day told me I would probably be a total pushover as a future father… Well, if I can’t even tell someone else’s kids that I’ve never met before to bug off, then she might be right. I’ll have to work on being meaner to small children.

Interview Series Wrapping Up
I am almost done with my interview series with the women of the family. All ten who have been asked to be interviewed have happily agreed to participate, and nine have quickly responded and been posted. We’re still waiting on one more!

The feedback I have gotten is readers of the blog are enjoying the interviews, regardless as to whether or not they know the person. I have received lots of positive remarks on the Granny interview, even someone suggesting that a whole novel could be written. The Granny interview was a bit different than the others, of course, since in all likelihood she didn’t truly know she was being interviewed for the enjoyment of others even though I tried explaining that to her.

Perhaps in a couple weeks I will send out questionnaires to Dad, Alex, Steve, Matt, Tim, Calvin, Brian, Stuart, and Lee and conduct the “men of the family” series. Or maybe I’ll do a series with the big names of the Valleyfair, Willow Lake School, or DSU alumni. Or maybe even current co-workers? Nah, that probably wouldn’t go over. Leave your response on what you think I should do next!

Other Brief Notes…

  • Lauren and I are enjoying the new car, though we are not technically the owners yet. A loan is in the works and soon Dick’s Garage will be paid and then we can start making monthly payments. ’08 Impala, woooo!
  • Maybe I was delusional being up at 2:30am last night, but I thought this week’s The Office was pretty much the funniest episode in years.
  • Lauren and I have been tearing through the Best Picture project, watching Titanic, Shakespeare in Love, American Beauty, and Gladiator all in the past week. Head over to my Best Picture Review Blog to see what I thought of them! Only 11 movies remain… the rest of the 2000s, and three early movies we missed the first time through.
  • I coordinated a photo shoot last week with Liz’s co-workers at her office in Edina. Check out the front page of, slide 4 to see one of the pictures in action!
  • Lastly, Lauren and I are embarking to Carpenter next weekend to see the family and take in the annual poultry party. We’ve got room for two more in the car! Let me know if anyone is interested!