Today we conclude the “women of the family” interview series with my wife’s sister, Kate. Since Kate is a Minneapolis public school teacher and she does not want students to find her online, we will not mention her last name!

Sister-in-law Kate at our wedding

1. Hi Kate, thanks for participating! Many of my blog readers may not know you very well. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.

I live halfway between the equator and the north pole.

2. What are the best parts of being a science teacher?

Explosions! No…the best part of being a science teacher is watching childrens’ faces contort as they try to figure something out. Take the your best memories of American’s Funniest Home Videos, and blend it with your local playground. And the questions they ask! Hilarious!

3. How pleased are you with your acquisition of new dog Eli? What were some other finalists for the name?

As pleased as if he were a big, juicy bone. No other finalists – he came with that name, and since he knew his name we didn’t want to change it.

4. How did your volleyball coaching experience this summer/fall?

Coaching Volleyball was awesome! I was the assistant coach, and I really enjoyed being the helper and not, ultimately, the one truly in charge. The girls are awesome, intelligent, strong young women with neat personalities. I really enjoyed getting to know them.

5. I have known you to be a bit of a rock nerd (actual rocks, not the music genre!). What is the coolest rock you have ever found on your own?

In Puerto Rico, hiking up a limestone gully on the SE side of the island, I found a fossil jellyfish. Jellyfish aren’t supposed to become fossils, since they have soft bodies, but this one had died, and become surrounded in mud, which turned to rock, and then as water eroded the rock around it over thousands of years, freed this jellyfish from the surrounding rock. It was amazing.

6. What is the nicest thing Tim has done for you recently?

About five minutes ago he brought me a beer.

7. How have your first two years of home-ownership gone?

Good. We finally replaced the front step which was eroding off, and the front window. So we feel like we live in a house that might last for a few years now and not have to be condemed. We’ve been lucky not to have major repairs or replacements.

8. What is the next vacation destination you and Tim would like to take in?

Ooh, I would love to go XC skiing in Colorado this winter. Or someplace tropical. And I need an adventure for next summer, which will have to be at least a month. And, there’s a highway map of Montana sitting next to me. And Tim? Anywhere that is not work.

9. What is your biggest day-to-day concern currently?

Everyday when I wake up, I realize that I have to be on stage in front of teenagers (who would rather be having…um….fun) for three hours before lunch. I have to prepare myself for that daily.

10. What are your three all-time favorite movies?

Are you speaking of the moving pictures? Well, then….anything on Netflix. And the oldie favorite is Harold and Maude. Of the recent films, I really enjoyed Inception. Confession: I could watch Zoolander until the DVD melted.

Thanks for joining us today, Kate! Any closing remarks?

Methane bubbles might be the cause of the Bermuda Triangle! W00T!