Live from the Profile
I’m trying to kill another hour here while DJing as everyone files through the buffet line. Man it smells good! I sure hope I get a chance to go through line. I also set out a tip jar tonight to see if I can make a few extra bucks. Tonight is my last night DJing here until July 17. It will be nice to get a break for a while and get some Saturdays back.

I got horrible news today when I received a letter from the IRS saying I owe $742 from my 2008 tax return. Not 2009 or 2010, but my 2008 return. Not sure what happened, but my old DJ job never sent me a W2 form and the government eventually caught it. Just when I was making some ground paying off these stupid finger injury bills and closing in on paying off my smallest student loan!

US vs England
Before I came to the Profile to DJ, Lauren, Tim, Kate, and I were at Kieran’s Irish Pub to watch the US/England World Cup match. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen such display of patriotism as I did today. The place was packed shoulder-to-shoulder with mostly US fans, chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” I couldn’t care less about soccer normally, but Lauren is quite a fan, sporting her orange (oran-ya!) Nederlands shirt.

Commas and And
What do you do when using commas? If you were separating a list of several things, would you use a comma before “and” on the last word? For example: cloud, tree, sun, and gopher. Or do you leave out the last comma and just go: cloud, tree, sun and gopher. I like to use the comma after all words and not omit it before the “and” but a lot of people give me a hard time about that when making ads and stuff for work. I have heard either way is perfectly appropriate.

Steve and Anne Take in Twins Game
Lauren and I went with her parents last night to the Twins/Braves game. There was a playoff atmosphere in the air as the 1991 World Series rematch featured a pitchers’ duel between Liriano and Hudson. The game went absurdly fast, lasting barely 2 hours. Thanks Microboards for the sweet tickets behind the Twins dugout! The Twins are now 4-1 in regular season games I’ve been to at Target Field, beating the Tigers, Brewers, Braves, and Royals.

Excitement in the Air
Here are ten things coming up in the next few months, in no particular order, that I am excited for.

  1. Liz and Curt’s wedding
  2. Matt and Gillian’s wedding
  3. Brian and Beth’s wedding
  4. Niagara Falls trip
  5. Toronto trip
  6. Zane Lamprey comedy show
  7. Ma and Pa Glanzer’s potential visit
  8. 4th of July weekend
  9. Twins games
  10. Our weekly softball games

Let’s see… can’t think of much else to write about. This has only taken about 20 minutes and the buffet line is still very long. Ryan hungry!