Blog Earns Us Free Shrimp
As you’ve undoubtedly read already on Facebook, Lauren and I are finally cashing in on our food blog. Tuesday afternoon, a rep from Red Lobster’s corporate PR department contact me about coming out to sample Bloomington’s new and improved Red Lobster menu and review it for our blog. Unfortunately, that event is June 24, the day we leave for Niagara Falls. I wrote back and dejectedly declined the invite, but mentioned to this woman that I am a big fan of Red Lobster’s Endless Shrimp promo that takes place a couple times a year. She wrote back and asked if we’d like to review Endless Shrimp this year, on them! Of course, I accepted. Lauren and I, and perhaps others, will be there in August, the next time the promo takes place. My record from 2006 was 83 shrimp… I may not attempt to break that record.

Engagement Sessions Goes Well
As you may have read on Jordan’s blog when I guest-blogged for her on Saturday, I told of my engagement photo session with Matt and Gillian at the Walker Sculpture Garden. Using Matt’s camera, I took about 100 pictures. Matt forwarded over to me a few of their favorites, and said they were happy with the way they turned out, and will move forward with me as their wedding photographer. Here are a couple of the better ones.

Ryan Glanzer Wedding Photography of Minneapolis
Matt and Gillian, the soon-to-be newlyweds.
Ryan Glanzer Wedding Photography of Minneapolis
I caught Matt and Gillian sitting on some rocks and thought I'd capture the moment.

Random Thoughts
• I got very light-headed yesterday after eating at the Red Moon Chinese restaurant over break with Liz and Patrick. It is the third straight time that’s happened after eating there. I find it odd because it’s never happened anywhere else. What’s in that food?
• I am not going to get into bathroom habits, but I found out I may be subject to Pavlov’s classic conditioning theory. I have to go every time I get close to my office in the morning, regardless of the time.
• I still can’t get the 1982 song “Nobody” by Sylvia out of my head. I had heard it hundreds of times before and never thought anything of it, but lately it has really grown on me.
• Tomorrow night, weather pending, Lauren and I will take her dad and step-mom to the Twins/Braves game on Microboards’ tab. 7th row seats behind the Twins dugout, woo!
• Once again, I seem to be super productive at work with my manager on the road. Again, it seems to be the sales guys are less afraid to approach me with projects when they don’t have to first go through Aaron.
• I have discovered the wonderful interactive PDF making program known as Adobe LiveCycle and have used it extensively this week. Wish I’d known about its capabilities earlier!
• It seems me and hundreds of other diehard Three Sheets fans have saved the show! Travel Channel got sick of the thousands of Facebook posts boycotting the network until they brought the popular Zane Lamprey-hosted drinking show back on the air. If only my efforts to save Arrested Development and Freaks and Geeks had gone as well…
• Speaking of Zane Lamprey, it’s just 10 days until we go to his Drinking Made Easy comedy tour! I’m more excited for that than the game tomorrow.
• Lauren is in full World Cup mode, and intends to get me in on the craze. Along with Tim and Walsh, I will be surrounded by fans. I have never paid any attention to soccer, but I will cheer for the US and Uruguay.

Here’s a picture of me at work.

Ryan at work
The same chair I've been sitting in since January 3, 2006.