Impromptu 636-Mile Trip Highlights Wild Weekend

It was a scorcher this weekend, but nary a moment was spent in our stuffy little apartment. Instead, we were out and about from the time work ended Friday till the time work began Monday.

Friday after work, we headed down to Target Field for the Twins vs. Brewers. The seats we purchased were pretty sweet… we were in the wheelchair row of a section, which was the last row, with cushy seats right out on the concourse. If we needed to get up for the bathroom or concessions, we just pulled the chair out and walked a few feet over, rather than making everyone in the row stand up so we could get in and out. The Twins scored 7 runs before the second out was even recorded, and went on to a 15-3 victory. Afterwards we stopped at Smalley’s 87 Club for a bite to eat.

Saturday morning, I decided to take a jog around the Lake of the Isles in the rain. I think it’s fun to be outside in foul weather. So I headed on down to the Lake and got soaked. I was far from the only person running in the storm. Once the thunder started crashing and the lightning was flashing constantly, I got a little nervous, seeing how I was running under big trees right next to a body of water. But I wasn’t struck by lightning even once and made it home safely.

That evening it was back to the Profile Event Center to DJ another wedding dance. The couple asked me to play TV theme songs during dinner and have the crowd yell out the answers, which ended up being a blast for all involved. Of the 50 songs I played, the only one that completely stumped the crowd was “The Wire.” The dance itself was nothing out of the ordinary and ended around 12:30. So I got home and got to bed around 1:40am.

A while back, my sister told me about a big day of various events going on with all three Krogman kids, and hoped Lauren and I would be able to make it. Vermillion, SD is a 318-mile one-way drive, and considering we would have to do it all in one day, I declined. But for some reason, I felt ambitious this weekend and wanted to surprise Jordan and her family with an impromptu visit. So at 6:30am, Lauren and I hit the road. By 10:30, we were in Sioux Falls. At noon, we met up with Mom, Dad, Alex, Ann, Hadley, Grandma Bell, and Uncle Stuart for lunch at Hu-Hot Mongolian Grill… mmm-mmm!

We continued the caravan down to Vermillion, another hour south of Sioux Falls. The Krogmans were certainly surprised to see us! First we went to Peyton’s ballet recital at the high school. Peyton performed some sort of Lion King dance. Next, it was off to Emerson’s preschool graduation at the church. Emmy and her classmates sang some songs and told everyone what they wanted to be when they grow up. Lastly, it was back to the Krogman household for Hudson’s second birthday party. Lots of excitement was had, much of which Jordan probably doesn’t want mentioned seeing how she didn’t mention it on her blog.

At 5:30, Lauren and I said our goodbyes and hit the road. As we drove towards Sioux Falls on I-29 going 80mph, a pickup pulling a trailer with a skidsteer on it crashed. We were three cars back when I saw the pickup and trailer do not one, but two 360-degree spins in the middle of the interstate. The skidsteer dislodged from the trailer, topped down the road, and wound up in the median. The pickup and trailer ended up in the other ditch. I slammed on the breaks and stopped to make sure everyone survived. Thankfully no one was trying to pass that pickup at that particular moment or it may have been deadly.

We made it back safely to Minneapolis at 10:39pm, thoroughly exhausted. Having only gotten four hours of sleep the night before, I was just thankful to have stayed awake for the whole day. But, no regrets about making the spontaneous trip. Got to see the whole family together for the first time in over a year, and got to check out the Krogmans’ house for the first time.

Peyton is congratulated by Grandma Bell after her ballet recital.
Peyton is congratulated by Grandma Bell after her ballet recital.
Emerson, middle, performs at her preschool graduation.
Emerson, middle, performs at her preschool graduation.
Hudson celebrates his 2nd birthday. Jordan looks on.
Hudson celebrates his 2nd birthday. Jordan looks on.
Lauren gets baby fever while playing with newborn Hadley.
Lauren gets baby fever while playing with newborn Hadley.

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