The Password Thing
Since I apparently didn’t learn my lesson from the days of, I am learning it now: keep certain information private!  I like to write very openly about every little piddly thing that ever happens to me, but in the process I oftentimes mention specific people and businesses, or say something on here I wouldn’t say to someone personally.  Search engines lead hundreds of people per day to this blog, and unfortunately I had to hear about it from someone yesterday and then something else came up today with a DJ client.

So, from now on, most future posts will be password-protected.  For the 23 of you who have already gotten your passwords, you will be able to use that password to read any future protected posts, as well as a bunch of old ones that were just now made private.  For anyone in need of the password, e-mail me at and I will give it to you!  That said, today’s blog is a freebie so I could explain the password thing without needing a password!

Did I Make It a Week on $50?
You undoubtedly all remember my rant from a week ago, wondering if I could possibly make it a week on the $50 I had remaining in my checking account.  Today is the last day, and the answer is… “sort of.”  I have spent a total of $14, and that was buying concessions at the Twins game Friday night.  But as I should have expected, I forgot I had an automatic ING transfer to our house savings set up and my remaining money disappeared overnight Tuesday.  So while I proved that I could live in Minneapolis for one week on $14, I did not achieve my goal.  But tomorrow is payday, and I will be good to go for a little while longer.

House Hunt Hits Crossroads
The month of March and so far April have been hectic as Lauren and I have been house hunting, trying our damnedest to find something we liked before the $8000 tax credit expired.  But we are quickly running into problems.  We have seen almost 30 houses now, and we still haven’t come to an agreement on anything.  There were two houses we saw that we liked a lot last time out, but we then realized (for certain secret reasons) we wouldn’t have been able to put an offer on them even if we wanted.  We are starting to think it’s time to forget the house idea for at least one more year.  Sure, we’re leaving $8000 on the table, but that may be the only reason we’re looking.  If we don’t find something before then, we won’t be heartbroken.  We will probably give it the weekend and then decide what to do next.

South Dakota Weekend
Lauren and I are heading to Carpenter for the weekend to visit our new niece Hadley!  We’re excited for the drive even, as it will give Lauren a chance to catch up on some knitting as we listen to the sweet voices of John Gordon and the Dazzleman announcing the Twins-White Sox game.  Please no one break into our apartment and steal our things over the weekend now that you know we won’t be there!