Chapati Gone, Basterds a Hit

Last night, Lauren and I decided to have a bit of a date night, and planned on eating dinner at Chapati, the wonderful Indian restaurant in an industrial park in Edina where we had our first date.  We would look at the menu and make our selections for the rehearsal dinner buffet line.  Afterwards, we would go to the 7:40 showing of Inglourious Basterds—yes, that is the correct spelling—which all my friends had been raving about.

So we made our way to Chapati, only to discover that it was closed… for good!  A sign in the window, despite its descipably poor English, told us the restaurant is under new ownership and will be renamed Biryani, and will open Tuesday.  So technically it’s still an Indian restaurant, so we could still have our rehearsal dinner there, and probably will, but it just won’t be the same!  We’ll of course have to go check it out some night after work very soon.

We were both disappointed not only because the site of our first date was changed, but we were both very hungry and time was wasting away before the movie started.  So we headed over to the Southdale Center and figured we would find somewhere to eat.  The three major restaurants there, Maggiano’s, P.F. Chang’s, and The Cheesecake Factory, all had very long waits to get in.  Dejectedly, we headed back to the car, now 0-for-4 in our attempt to eat before the movie.

We decided to drive to Eden Prairie and eat at another good Indian place, India Palace.  After stopping for gas, it was well past 7 before we sat down.  We were promptly greeted and given our beverages.  I ordered Mountain Dew and gulped down two giant classes so I would be able to stay awake through what would now be the 9:30 showing of the 2.5-hour movie.  But the waiter repeatedly ignored us in the sparsely-filled dining area, going back and forth to the other two tables with people at them but walking past us.  It had been over ten minutes since we’d last been acknowledged, and I was hungry and furious.  I have never been so close to walking out of a restaurant before.

Just when I was about to say something, the waiter approached us and took our order.  Sternly, I read off everything that both Lauren and I wanted.  Turned out Lauren liked that I was ordering for her, and I soon calmed down and felt much better when the appetizers arrived.  And by the time our food came, its deliciousness had quickly made me happy.  They spiced up my chicken dish just right, clearing my sinuses.

After dinner we wandered around Barnes & Noble for a while, then pestered Jason as he closed Caribou, and made our way to the movie.  Everyone’s praises for Inglourious Basterds were certainly justified.  I thoroughly enjoyed Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece about two separate fictional plots to take out the Nazi regime and end World War II.  I read it took Tarantino ten years to finish the script… well worth it!

Today, being Labor Day, I figured I’d go into the office for a few hours this afternoon and get ahead on some work… well, that’s what I’d be saying if I were criminally insane, that is.  But I have a feeling there are at least one or two co-workers at the office catching up on work.  I think we will make a trip to the liquor store today and start thinking about our giant liquor purchase we will have to make for the wedding.

Since it’s an open bar the whole night (legally we can’t sell any alcohol since we don’t have a license) we will really have to stock up.  If we get 150 guests, I’m not sure if two kegs, several cases of wine, and a full bar of liquor will last the night.  We can always overbuy and then return what is unopened, if necessary.

That’s all for now… By the way, looks like there was a clear-cut winner in the last poll on the blog.


  1. Really, it took him 10 years to write that and that was all the better he could do? Ugh. It wasn’t a terrible movie by any means, I just wasn’t overly impressed with it. So much of what happened in the movie ended up being totally pointless. Brad Pitt was the only funny guy, and he got way too little screen time. *spoiler* And can someone explain to me why Landa strangled the actress? Given his plans, that made no sense to me. */spoiler*

  2. You should reinact Nic Cages booze buying scene from Leaving Las Vegas the whole time you stock up on the hooch at the store. Complete with the shopping cart, sunglasses, and dance. And not just once, but the whole time you are in the store.

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