It was just like old times Friday night when Jason and Patrick came over for the night to drink heavily and play a new version of Trivial Pursuit where you download recent questions online.  In two games, the Jason/Patrick team won both times over me and Lauren, though we were more competitive than expected.

I proved to only be good at answering questions about sports, and some TV, while Lauren was on top of her game with the book and history questions.  Jason proved he knows everything there is to know about trivial matters, but struggled at times with geography and history questions.  Still, I don’t know anyone who could beat Jason in a trivia game.

Not much noteworthy happened Saturday aside from a lot of sleeping.  Lauren and I went to Tim and Kate’s at night for some grilling, but we showed up too late and missing the actual grilling process.  We actually made it home at a decent hour unlike normal.

This morning I’ve been very busy with laundry and dishes.  I’m always annoyed when someone leaves their clothes in the dryer.  What is the rule about taking someone else’s clothes out for them?  I gave them a good window to come claim their clothes before moving them myself.  Three loads later and the stranger’s clothes are still there.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been very busy with my freelance web design projects for B&B Sheet Metal & Roofing and Classic Hall (link coming very soon!).  I haven’t been paid for them yet, but when I do, it will go a long ways towards credit card bills and wedding savings.  I’ve also been asked to do some website work for Luke’s food-delivery-turned-theatrical-production company FOOD, Dusty’s painting business in Las Vegas, Travis & Jonny want a makeover on their site, and a couple other projects.

And then Friday night was the strangest website request.  I was at India House near the Mpls. Convention Center picking up takeout and making small-talk with the cashier.  One thing led to another and I told him I do graphic/web design, and he asked if I could make them a new website.  “We’ll pay you in free food!  Er, uh, we’ll pay you!”  the man said.  Well, either way I guess.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, I redesigned the front page of  The other pages of the website do not match, but I’ll get to that sometime.  I also want to integrate this blog into that website someday when I get ambitious.  I know it can be done but don’t know how.