On Sunday morning, I was very productive and did four loads of laundry and washed the dishes.  As of 10:30am on Sunday, all the dishes in our house were clean.

Tonight, we came home and I noticed there were a few dishes scattered around the sink, so I figured it would be best to do them before they piled up again.  I guess I didn’t realize how many there were.  I was 45 minutes into dishwashing, and noticed there were still dozens more dishes to be washed throughout the rest of the apartment.  I couldn’t freaking believe it.

I eventually finished and was in such shock at the number of dishes that were dirtied up by just two people in just over two days that I had to count them.  Somehow, between me and Lauren, we dirtied up 112 dishes.  112!  How?  I have no idea.

We had breakfast and dinner Sunday, breakfast and dinner Monday, and dinner Tuesday, plus Lauren baked cookies.  Still, that shouldn’t add up to 112 pieces.  But, it did, and I am still baffled.  Here’s proof!

I did the dishes Tuesday night.
I did the dishes Tuesday night.

And I managed to work up a vigorous sweat in the process.  Now I think we will go to the gym and continue being healthy.