A Solid Showing

Today over break I received my final voice-over analysis from the headquarters in Albany, New York.  Not to be tooting my own horn, but it sounded like I was too advanced for this class.


  • Excellent delivery
  • Smoky, rich voice
  • Genuine, real
  • Easy to identify with
  • Sounded trustworthy
  • Great storyteller
  • Great smile, facial expressions (not that people would see me)
  • Great emotional connection
  • Excellent pronunciation, enunciation


  • Work on breath control

Overall, an excellent review.  One of the best in the class!  The people in Albany couldn’t help but wonder this, though.

“If you have so much experience and you obviously have a great deal of voice-over talent, may I ask why you paid to take an introductory class?”

Well, to be fair, the title of the class was How to Earn a Living with Your Voice, not Intro to Voice-Over Acting.

We’ll see, maybe someday I will pursue this career.


One comment

  1. Honestly, how long would it take to convert RyanGlanzer.com to a portal for your talent/services, then fire off your information to your casting buddy, Glanzer, out in LA.

    Then this guy out in LA, could get you hooked up with a Talent Agent, and you are then on the hook certainly for ONE job at least to help you build your portfolio.

    Then you can fill your weekends with trips to Los Angeles for extra work, without having to quit your day job.

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