Opening Day Going Just as Planned

It’s 5pm, and I’m sitting here on the couch wearing my Twins jersey and new red Twins hat, watching the Orioles/Yankees game on ESPN, the third game I’ve watched a part of today.

I woke up a little after 8 and immediately went to the gym to get my workout for the day out of the way.  I was surprised how busy the gym was on a Monday at 9am.  I came home and showered, then walked two blocks to the Sunny Side Up Cafe where I ate a delicious Mexican Eggs Benedict breakfast.  Seriously, that place has some wildly unusual but awesome breakfast selections.

I came home and began the waiting game, waiting very impatiently for the first game of the day, the Mets @ Reds, to start.  Soon the Lynch brothers arrived and we spent the afternoon flipping between that game and the Indians @ Rangers game, and eventually the Yankees @ Orioles.  Sadly, the Rays @ Red Sox was rained out and the Royals @ White Sox was snowed out.  But I had enough selection to keep me satisfied.

Now I wait for Lauren to get home from work, and Tim and Kate Rosok to arrive.  I’ve got those awesome season tickets in the seventh row behind first base for tonight’s Twins/Mariners game, the final home opener in the Metrodome.

I was trying to remember all the recent Twins’ home openers I’ve attended.

2002: I was awarded free tickets from WCCO Radio after a series of interviews with the local media.  Nick accompanied me.  I think the Twins beat the Tigers 4-2.

2003: I bought 27 tickets to the home opener vs. the Blue Jays.  Yes, 27 tickets.  I tried to buy 13 for a group of DSU friends, but soon realized we needed 14, so I canceled the order (or so I thought) and bought 14.  Something went wrong and I wound up with 27 tickets, but was somehow able to easily get rid of all of them.  Good thing I knew so many Valleyfair friends.  The Twins lost to Toronto, I think.

2004: Jason, Liz, Charlie, Patrick, Travis, and I took in the opener vs. Cleveland.  We were all very drunk.  I talked to CC Sabathia that day!  The Twins won a thriller in extra innings, 7-4.

2006: I was awarded the company season tickets and gave them to Liz, Patrick, and Walsh.  The Twins beat Oakland 7-6 behind a Tony Batista homer.

2007: I took in the Twins/Orioles game with a former girlfriend (Marin), Patrick, and Walsh.  The Twins won 7-4 and Morneau and Hunter hit back-to-back homers.

2008: Lauren, Patrick, Walsh, Nick, Sarah, and I took in the Twins/Angels game in a blizzard.  The Twins won 3-2.  We were all very drunk.

2009: I have the company season tickets again, but I am not going to be drunk this time.  I think I’ll just enjoy the game in a normal state.  Hopefully it’s a Twins victory!


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